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I Haven't Felt My Baby Move Yet!

A.L. asks from Lafayette

I am 19 weeks pregnant and still haven't felt my baby move!!! I keep reading things and people keep telling me that I should be feeling him or her soon! I'm really ...


Sleeping While Pregnant

J.N. asks from Lexington

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I have a 32 month old son. Do any of you know which side we are supposed to sleep on while pregnant? I toss and turn all night and I'm par...


Pregnant with #2

E.B. asks from Duluth

Ok, I am 35, tried 8 years for #1 and finally got him at age 30. He is 5 now & I have come to terms with only having one child & actually looking forward to enjoying...


How Do You Move on from Anger and Pain of Family Situations?

H.M. asks from Houston

Okay ladies, since I neither have the time nor money for therapy...which I'm sure that I need, I'm going to ask for your guidance. Since fall 2007 and into this year...


What You Wish You Had Known About Being Pregnant...

J.C. asks from Boise

What do you wish someone had told you about being pregnant? Or what advice helped you the most?


Can't Seem to Get Pregnant

C.H. asks from Austin

Does anyone have any information on fertility testing? My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 1 1/2 years now and have not been able to conceive. It ...


Pregnant with Twins, and My Daughter Does NOT like It!

K.B. asks from Augusta

Im 29 and Im pregnant again. But This time with twins. (Boy and Girl) I gave birth to my thirteen year old daughter (Kimora) when I was sixteen. Kimora has been my o...


Handicap Sticker While Pregnant?

M.R. asks from Kansas City

Out of curiosity, has anyone gotten a temporary handicap parking sticker while pregnant. I had terrible sciatic and hip pain with my first pregnancy. I was barely a...


Flu Shots for Pregnant Women

M.S. asks from New York

Hi Mamas, I am pregnant with child #2 - yeah!! In light of the flu season upon us and the heightened risk of H1N1, what do you think about getting a flu shot?...


Diabetic and Trying to Get Pregnant

A.V. asks from St. Louis

I have diabetes type 2 and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). In order to get pregnant my obgyn is putting me on Clomid to help the eggs develop because of the PCOS...