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Too Much Princess?

J.M. asks from Boston

My parents watch my 2 year old two days a week and are great with her. They have more than just a occasional grandparent role in her life and have a big influence on ...


Pregnant Again!

K.L. asks from St. Louis

Hello! I just found out yesterday that I'm pregnant. My husband and I have a wonderful loving little boy who will be eight months on Sunday; so as you can imagine,...


My 3 Year Old Son Loves to Dress like a princess.......what Should I Do?

K.L. asks from Santa Barbara

For about 4 months my 3 year old son has been very attracted to the Disney princessess and any other princess-like characters. When he has the opportunity he likes t...


Pregnant After Miscarriage...

H.M. asks from Detroit

Okay so my husband and I experianced a miscarriage of our thrid baby at only three weeks this past summer. We had two perfectly healthy pregnancys with our first two ...


Pregnant & Breastfeeding

T.B. asks from Charlotte

Hey! Just wanted some advise on the best way to get my 18 month old daughter weaned. I just found out I was pregnant the other day & I feel it's time to wean. She o...


Ooops Baby

I.A. asks from Rochester

Hi Moms, I am 10 weeks pregnant for the second time and my first baby just turned 1 last week. I am having hard time dealing with this second pregnancy, I was so NO...


Baby Shower for Baby #2

S.T. asks from New York

Looking to see how many of you had another baby shower for baby #2. I have a 3 year old daugter and we have basically everything that a baby needed but, we just found...


New Baby

S.H. asks from Kansas City

I am a working mom with a 12month old daughter. I have just found out that we are expecting again. We have a very small house and a small income. We will need to u...


Pregnant Mom on Bed Rest Looking for Things to Do with 4 Year Old. HELP!

D.R. asks from Chicago

I am 36 weeks pregnant and have been on-and-off bed rest for 3 months. I am looking for things to do with our fabulous 4 year old daughter - inside or outside. I am o...


Desire for Another Baby...

A.C. asks from Provo

I have been married for almost 9 years. My husband and I have 3 beautiful children. 1 girl (7 yrs old) and 2 boys (4 yrs old and 1 yr old) I love being a mommy. There...