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How to Move On

D.H. asks from Miami

how to move on after a separation (divorce)


Career or Baby

T.K. asks from Columbus

I'm 25 years old and getting ready to finish college. My husband is several years older than me and we've been together for 4 years. I know that I'm young, but I've h...


I Haven't Felt My Baby Move Yet!

A.L. asks from Lafayette

I am 19 weeks pregnant and still haven't felt my baby move!!! I keep reading things and people keep telling me that I should be feeling him or her soon! I'm really ...


BIG Move!

H.M. asks from Grand Rapids

My husband job wants to give him a promotion...but the job is in a different state. We knew that this could happen if he wanted a promotion. I just didn't think it wo...


Wanting to Move

M.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I am looking for some advice and thoughts. I am currently married with 2 wonderful kids by my husband and 1 on the was due in December. My husband and I...


Is It Possible to Feel Baby Move When Only 9 Weeks Pregnant?

H.B. asks from Iowa City

Has anyone ever felt their baby move VERY early on in pregnancy? I didn't feel my 1st until ~ 20 weeks, miscarried my second, and felt my third around 14 weeks. By ...


What Would You Do? Move Now or After Baby?

K.F. asks from Minneapolis

My husband and I have spent the summer remodling a new home, about 10 minutes from our current home. Our current house is up for sale, no takers yet. Our goal all a...


Could You Feel Your Baby Move During Labor?

M.M. asks from Lake Charles

For some reason the beginning stages of labor for my first are pretty fuzzy (all the excitement I guess) my little man's movements have been like nonexistent for the ...


Pregnant, Have Toddler, Considering move...need Advice

M.A. asks from Denver

Pregnant, have toddler, and possibly moving to Denver; need advice Hi mamas - I have a 2-year old son and am pregnant with #2 (knock on wood - just at 11 weeks)...w...


14 Weeks Pregnant and Feeling/seeing the Baby Move?

M.M. asks from Lake Charles

So I'm 14 weeks pregnant with #2 (YAY!) and I started feeling quickening at like 11-12 weeks, my doctor told me since i was thin he wouldn't tell me i was wrong (the ...