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When Did You Move Your Child from a Crib to a Bed????

A.C. asks from Boca Raton

Hi! My daughter is now 22 months old, and I am starting to think about when I should move her into a bed. I would love some feedback, as to when you moved your chil...


Not Really Feeling Baby Move at 21 Weeks

J.M. asks from New York

this is my third child, im 21 weeks. with my first 2 children, i felt quickening around 16-17 weeks, and real movement by now. i am not overweight, as i know that c...


When to Move to a Big Girl Room

M.W. asks from Chicago

I know my daughter is too young now, she is 1 1/2. But just curious to see when other moms moved their kids into a twin bed. I was thinking this summer about converti...


What Age to Move to Toddler Bed

A.H. asks from Los Angeles

My son is 20 mos, and I'm pregnant with baby #2. My son turns 2 the day before my due date. The baby will sleep in our room in a bassinett for the first 3-4 mos, same...


When Did You Move Your Toddler into a Bed?

A.M. asks from Minneapolis

Hi all, My toddler is 17 months old and is very very active. People are already asking me when I'm going to move him into a toddler or "big boy" bed. This seems a ...


I Want to Move but My Husband Doesnt.

G.K. asks from St. Louis

So here is the issue. I am about 2 months pregnant and we have a 3 yr old daughter. We are currently living in St. Louis and with his mom. We have been having the har...


How Will Our Move Affect Our Toddler

M.H. asks from Los Angeles

We will be moving in mid-April to a new home just 2 miles from where we currently live. My husband and I are both curious to know if any parent(s) out there experien...


21 Weeks Pregnant, Stopped Feeling Baby Move

E.W. asks from New York

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and for the last few weeks I have felt my little boy kick up a storm. The last 2 days I haven't felt much of anything. A few times that I drank ...


What Age to Move to Toddler Bed?

A.H. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 14 months old and Im wondering at what age do I convert her crib into a toddler bed? She has just started walking so Im wondering if its to soon to mov...


Pregnant Again After Losing a Baby at 25 Weeks Pregnant

S.E. asks from Chicago

I am 15 weeks pregnant and am very nervous because i had preeclempsia whith my last pregnancy and lost my baby at 25weeks.I am very nervous now because i have felt th...