In the Womb: Benadryl

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Restless Leg Syndrome and Pregnant

Hi Ladies: I am 11 weeks pregnant and have developed restless leg syndrome. I had this in my previous pregnancy, but it didn't occur until the last trimester. It takes me hours to fall asleep and wakes me in the night. Restless leg syndrome is a condition where you have a constant urge to move your legs and cannot get comfortable. Have any of you experienced this and if so, what was your remedy?? I'm desperate to get sleep.

Second Trimester

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Have Any of You Taken BENADRYL While Being Pregnant???

Hi Everyone! My OB/GYN doc said it was ok to take Benadryl in my second trimester because of my miserable sinuses. I trust that my doctor won't put me or my baby in harms way, but I would still like to ask you all if your baby was ever affected by this drug when you took it? I've only taken four doses, and I won't take any more. Still concerned about the what if's. My OB/GYN doc also prescribed Flonase nasal spray too, but I will NOT take that, after reading the precautions and side effects on that one. So, that will wait until after the...

Third Trimester

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Pregnancy Third Trimester Questions

I am well into my third trimester and for the past few weeks I've had trouble sleeping through the night, being able to barely sleep 5-6 hrs/night whcih is not like me as I usually sleep 7-8 hrs/night. I usually have no problem falling asleep but after an hour or two I wake up and have trouble falling asleep. I usually take benadryl but it still takes 1-2 hr to be able to fall asleep. I had nights when I literally sleep 2-4 hrs at night and this really alters the quality of life. On top of that, I have night flashes, so I either wake up...


Unisom While Pregnant

I'm 32 weeks. I have not slept in like 6 weeks seriously. I'm getting worse...

Twins & Multiples

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Infant and Benadryl

My 8 month old son weighs 16 pounds, 12 ounces and his doctor prescribed 1/2 teaspoon of Benadryl before bedtime. Everything I read says not to do it unless they are a year old. I'm afraid to give him the Benadryl. Has anyone given their child who is under a year old Benadryl?