Imaginary Friends

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Imaginary Friend,wishful Thinking or Super Intuitive?

H.D. asks from Chicago

My 4 yr old has no idea I'm pregnant although she talks about having a sibling EVERYDAY. So they made houses at school and filled it with the names of the people that...


Imaginary Friends?

A.R. asks from Boston

my six year old is constantly talking about what his friend showed him or taught him or told him.... for example his birthday is this wednesday and he wanted his par...


Imaginary Friends?

N.D. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas- I need some help. My 4-year old has been talking about his imaginary friends for almost a year now. At first we thought it was cute but now they are a ...


Imaginary Friends

F.G. asks from Raleigh

My daughter is 3 year old only child. She has a fantastic imagination which we encourage. She has several imagery friends. I have noticed that as she gets older th...


My Almost 3 Yr Old Has an Imaginary Friend Who Is a Trouble-maker

A.R. asks from New York

Hi Moms, I have absolutely no experience with "imaginary friends" as I never had one, my brothers never had them, my friends never had them... I don't know ANYONE ...


3 Yr Old with Imaginary Friends

K.S. asks from Kansas City

Hi Moms, My very fun & creative 3 year old daughter has a lot of pretend friends. I know I’ve heard of people having imaginary friends, but I never had any as a ki...


My Daughter Constantly Talks to Imaginary Friend

A.R. asks from Boston

My daughter is 31/2, and she has loved care bears for about a yr now. She all of a suddon one day about 6 mos ago started talking and playing with "Champ" which is a ...


How Normal Is It to Have Imaginary Friends?

T.J. asks from Seattle

My four year old daughter seems to have a lot of imaginary friends lately. There's always at least one with us, it started with Casper the ghost. Today she blamed her...


Imaginary This Normal?

D.W. asks from Modesto

Ok moms help me out with this one. My daughter is 5 and has about 10 imaginary friends. She has had different one's on and off for many years now. When it first start...