Illnesses: Toddler

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Mentally Ill Father

N.D. asks from Cincinnati

To make a very long story short, the father of my 5 month old daughter has a severe mental illness. The diagnosis is schizo affective disorder. I knew him in high sch...


Why Are We All So Sick?!

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I am beyond frustrated. I almost have to laugh at this point because it is so ridiculous. My family has been sick a total of 12 times in the past few months. And...


13 Month Old Is Only 19 Pounds

T.M. asks from Toledo

today we went to Braydens dr appt.. a well check.. well, when she put him on the scale and it said "18" pounds, she wasnt suprised, but inside i was like, What the? ...


"I'm Sick"

S.D. asks from Boston

My daughter is in the 1st grade. Every so often I get the "I'm sick" card. I take her temp, it's normal, so off to school. Then I get a phone call from the school ...


Too Sick or Not?

A.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Moms. I am a daycare provider and recently I have had some pretty sick kids coming to my house. I'm sure I am going to catch some grief for asking this but I w...


23 Month Old Who Does Not Talk.........

T.H. asks from Terre Haute

I have a 23 month old and she is the youngest of 3 girls. Maybe I am just trying to compare her to the other two girls (which I know I should not do). She is not talk...


What to Tell 2-Year-old About His Grandfather Being Terminally Ill

N.F. asks from Philadelphia

Hello, friends! Unfortunately, my father is terminally ill. My son was 2 in November. My father, who lives a 6-hour drive away (we still do it in 2 days!) has canc...


21 Month Old in a Toddler Bed Realistic?

M.W. asks from Indianapolis

Hi mamas, Again, thank you for always being so helpful. I have received some advice from moms who may be right about this but wanted additional input. We're mo...


23 Month Old Sick for a Long Time...

R.B. asks from Louisville

My 23 month old son started day care about a month and a half ago. He has been sick since the first week there. It started with Mild fever, cold, runny/stuffy nose, p...


Advice on 22 Month Old

S.L. asks from Boston

Hi, Im looking for advise on my 22 month old- he is NOT verbal at all- he will say "mama", "dada", "yeah" and "tickle tickle" (or at least thats what it sounds like--...