Illnesses: Saline Drops

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Sick Baby :(

Hi fellow moms- I have a beautiful 9month old who has been sick with a cold for the past six days. It started with a runny stuffy nose and has now progressed to this horrible cough that sounds like it's trying to break up phlem in her chest. In addition, she has a slight temp of 101 (rectal). Of course, she is also teething on top of everything else. Because of this violent cough, she's really not sleeping and moans after a bout of coughing, which tells me that her chest throat are probably hurting her. Also, she hasn't been able to...


Sick 2 Month Old

I have a 2 month little boy and he is sick he has an ear infection and now...


Pregnant and Sick!

Just found out i was pregnant, I'm about 5 weeks and i have a runny nose,...


Mentally Ill Father

To make a very long story short, the father of my 5 month old daughter has a...


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Infant with Allergy?

My 6 month old seems to have some kind of allergy from the weather. We went to trail of lights on sat, the wind was blowing and the weather was humid but not cold, and the next day her nose was very stuffy and she is sneezing w/watery eyes. My husband has allergies and his nose was bothering him on sun. also. She is still really stuffed up. Is there anything I can do for her? She just got over a sore throat and fever, also. What are the odds that she is sick AGAIN?!? She seems to be fine other than her nose....what do you think? I am...


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2 1/2 Month Old with Bronchiolitis

I'm not sure if I spelled it right, but we took my 2 month old to the doctor with a very bad cold and cough. He said she had bronchiolitis. Can anyone tell me what I can do to make my daughter a little more comfortable & if I should calm down & not be too worried. I've gotten a vaporizer and some saline drops for her nose. We just can't get her to cough up the "yucky" stuff. Actually we can't get it out before she swallows it again. Help... does anyone have any suggestions?


Sick 6 Month Old!

My poor 6 mo daughter has a nasty cold. I'm not sure where she got it from,...


Management of RSV

My son has RSV and has bronchiolitis with it. The doctor said it's not so...


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Best Medicine for 6 Month Old

My 6 month old has a runny nose and a cough for the third time this year. The first and second time I took her to the pediatrician she told me to give her saline drops and let it run its course. A lot of old school moms are saying no, give her Benadryl or Castor oil. What is best?


Very Gassy Newborn

My 7.5 week old is having an extremely gassy tummy today. It's to the point...

Cough & Cold

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Always Stuffy Nose

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been having this stuffy nose problem for past 3-4 weeks or so. She's not sick and doing well, but her nose is always stuffy. Not runny or have cold symptoms, but I guess something must be bothering her nose. It's not stuffy 24 hours, but she usually has something in her nose that bothers her and sometimes it's hard for me to watch her being so bothered by her stuffy nose. She hates the saline spray, so when I try to use that on her, she panics and gets upset. And even when I do get that in her nose, it...


Help with Stuffy Nose

My 5 month old has had a stuffy nose for a little over a week now. Last Wed...


Ear Ache

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Is This Allergies?

My 4-year-old has always had "issues" that seem to be allergy-related, but never anything that seemed to fit the classic definition of allergies. Since the spring, though, she's been chronically congested. And I don't mean the runny slimy type of congestion, I mean like rocks in her nose. I started her on Claritin- I noticed a difference at first, but then it stopped being effective. At her check-up in August, I asked the doctor if she had allergies and he said yes, it was definitely allergies that was causing the congestion. He gave...


Sick Lil' Guy

My son has a pretty nasty cold. We had to walk out on his year pictures...



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How to Brake a Fever

I have a one year old that has had a fever for 2 days,I have not been able to break it . She was at the hosptial today and she has a Upper respiratory infection. Her Fever has went from 99.1 to 101.4 when i checked her at 230am. any suggestion on how to break it and bring it down till i have to take her to her doc on monday cuz the office is closed on the weekend or i will take her back to the hosp.


7Wk Old with Cold

My 7wk old boy has his first cold and is vary stuffed up. I have a...



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Common Cold Remedies?

Hello Everyone, I'm sure this is a common question but I wanted to ask. My 6 1/2 mo old son has the common cold. I'm still breastfeeding and after he eats he has to cough badly. He usually ends up vomiting because there is flem stuck in his throat. My main question is: How can I get rid of that flem, quickly. He isn't dehydrated and he's not vomiting the whole meal up. I have tried saline drops through the nose. His nose is also very stuffy. Can anyone help me with a good remedy that has helped them? Thank you very much!


Cleaning up Vomit

dd vomited on the couch, its leather so not really a big deal till you add...