Illnesses: Adult Child

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We've Been Sick Since October!

C.S. asks from Salt Lake City

It started with Croup, then it was a cold, then a "virus", two weeks ago it was rotovirus and now the flu! My son is 17 months old but I swear he's had everything thi...


Adult Child Issues

J.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, When does an adult child, mine for instance he is 20 become responsible for their own choices?? My son who is 20 years old almost 21 lives with his dad...


How to Overcome a Jealous Adult Child

M.Z. asks from Phoenix

I have 4 children (2 are adults), husband has 2 adult children in their 30’s. His eldest daughter continues to exclude me and my kids from events that should be fam...


It's Not Fair and I Am Sick of It.

M.F. asks from Youngstown

I think this may be more of a I need to get this off my chest and get some incouragment kind of post. We went to my inlaws for a picnic. Before we went over I knew it...


Ground Rules for Adult Child Moving Home

M.M. asks from Dallas

Our son graduated college in May. He works as a freelance camera man in the TV & film industry and rents a room in a house from a friend. His housemate's girlfriend...


What Are Your Thoughts About an Adult Daughter Too Busy to See Her Sick Mom?

M.Z. asks from Seattle

I have been diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma, and my prognosis is fairly dire -- I may only have months to live, not years. Although my daughter only live...


Terminally Sick in Law - Tension in Marriage

B.K. asks from Chicago

So I have never been in this situtation before and need some feedback. My father in law is terminally ill...has been since last year. My husband has been doing a lot ...


Adult Child Not Calling, Yes It Is Me Again

J.V. asks from New York

I am trying so hard to not worry, but my 28 year old daughter is doing it again. Long story short, we have had the discussion about acknowledging texts, phone calls o...


What Would You Do, Talking, Couging(obviously Sick) and Kicking at the Theatre?

T.F. asks from San Francisco

We went to see a Musical at a Local Theatre this evening. The performance was WONDERFUL and I am glad I went. I do have a vent and want opinions though. I would ge...


Son Is Always Sick

M.M. asks from Chicago

My 1 year old son was hosptialized at 2 & 4 months with a cold & RSV & because of this difficulty at a young age the Doctor diagnosed him with asthma. I know he does...