Illnesses: Adult Child

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We've Been Sick Since October!

It started with Croup, then it was a cold, then a "virus", two weeks ago it was rotovirus and now the flu! My son is 17 months old but I swear he's had everything this season. It's winter, I get that but what can I do to keep him healthy and not go crazy stuck at home because we're afraid we'll get sick? I'm pretty cautious about our surroundings when we do go out. I want to let him be 17 months old but I don't keep him in a bubble either... is this just something I have to deal with in the winter, every winter? Can anyone give me some...


Adult Child Issues

Hi Moms, When does an adult child, mine for instance he is 20 become...


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Seeking Advice on Autistic Adult Daughter and Her Hygiene

My autistic daughter is 32 and her hygiene could use some major improvements. She lives in her own place because of disability assistance. Whenever I go to visit each week its apparent she hasn't bathed because she's wearing the same clothes and she hasn't brushed her teeth either because her breath smells. It seems unless I physically bathe her, get her dressed, and brush her teeth it otherwise doesn't happen. I can yell at her for it but at that does is just make her mad and her ignore me. The dentist has yelled at her more times...