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My 3 Year Old Doesn't Sleep

Please help, I'm so frustrated, I just want to cry. My 3 year old doesn't seem to sleep more than 8-9 hours in a 24 hour period. Aren't kids this age supposed to get 11-12 hours of sleep in a day? She's been out of her crib for two months, and she started preschool earlier this week. Our bedtime routine is a nightmare (for me), and it has been for a while, not just recently. I start with the end of her TV show at 8:15, then it's brushing her teeth, which usually takes 15 minutes to half an hour because she doesn't want to cooperate,...

Aches & Pains

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Soon to Be 3 Year Old Doesn't Sleep Thru the Night!!

HELP!!! Our soon to be 3 year old does NOT sleep thru the night and we have tried EVERYTHING to figure out why she is waking up, but have yet to "crack the code." She attends a full day pre-school program 5 days a week (7:00am-3:15pm), she is a fairly good eater (as of the last 2 months), she is not given a lot of junk (one popsical after school, that's it-we won't even let her have yogurt any more because the sugar is so high & we don't know if that contributes to the lack of sleep). We do allow her some "educational" tv, but nothing...

Mental Health & Learning Disabilities

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4 Yo with Fear of Public Toilets

Last March we had tubes put in because as it turned out, my 4 yo was hearing everything like it was under water. About 2 months later, his hearing became very acute and he started being afraid of public toilets. At first he would go, but hold his ears and insist we hold his thing down. Then it seemed to get better for a while, then about 2 months ago he started refusing to go to any public bathroom with stalls. We have tried to assure him at times that no one else was in the bathroom and so he wouldn't ear any flushes to no avail. ...


My Son Is a Bully

I am in desperate need of discipline strategies. My 2 1/2 year old son is...


Daycare Boy Sick

I have a boy in my daycare he is 11 months old and has been throwing up...