Illnesses & Symptoms: Preschooler, Nystatin

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Smell in 3 Year Old Daughter

I don't know if it's because she's not wiping very well, but for quite a while now my 3 year old daughter has had a smell between her legs. It will get red but she never complains that it hurts, burns, or itches... just smells. Thoughts? Is there something I can use other than making sure she wipes all the time and does a good job?


Rash in 3 Year Old

So to start from the beginning. My son who is 3 had strep about 2 months...


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When Nystatin Doesn't Work??

My son had an ear infection and was prescribe an oral antibiotic. As a result, he received a yeast rash. Over a week ago, I called my doctor and she called in a script for Nystatin. She said to put the Nystatin on first then put desitin/aquaphor/diaper cream on top to seal in the cream. I have been changing his diaper every time he pees and putting the cream on every time. I have been washing him nightly (fragrance free) and giving him a bit of yogurt (he's 6 months old). I have changed diaper brands three times and I even let him air...


Is It Eczema?

My 7 month old has been having these dry, rough pinkish places come up like...


Baby with Hives?

Hi. My 5-month-old baby seems to keep getting what looks like Hives. I...