Illnesses & Symptoms: Preschooler, Maalox

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4 Year Old Chewing a Hole in Her Lip- Help!

Our 4 year old daughter is constantly chewing her lip on the inside. It looks like a nervous habit. We catch her doing it often, riding in her carseat or watching TV. We remind her to stop. Last night she was eating and said the food was hurting her mouth. I got a flashlight and looked in there. I was stunned to see a huge open, excoriated area inside her bottom lip. It is the size of my thumnail and it looks awful, not to mention painful. We tried to ask her why she is doing it but she doesn't know. Has anyone else experienced this? What...


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Diaper Rash, Only It's Not!

I have been fighting a horrible rash on front and back of my 3 year old. You name it, I've tried it. Thing is, my sitter can keep her for two nights and almost make it disappear. She is out of diapers except for at night and then they come off dry. We have compared notes for months and I cannot come up with anything that works from her house to my house. I took her to the dermatologist last week and came home with a tube of antifungal that looked about like a toothpaste tube for a co-pay of 63.00. It is making her skin bright red and...


Is It Eczema?

My 7 month old has been having these dry, rough pinkish places come up like...


Baby with Hives?

Hi. My 5-month-old baby seems to keep getting what looks like Hives. I...