Illnesses & Symptoms: Preschooler, Aveeno

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Seeking Opinions on Nighttime Medications like Nyquil

E.E. asks from Great Falls

I bought the Nighttime Tylenol when it was available and it worked wonders to help my child sleep when she wasn't feeling well at night. I even used it once on the p...


Food Allergy Rashes

E.M. asks from Denver

My 3 year old test positive for mild reactivity to milk, egg and cats. She has eczema but also breaks out these darker red patches kind of like hives but sometimes re...


Gluten Free Diet

M.M. asks from Columbus

This is a long question- sorry! I just wanted to give all the details for our particular situation. I have recently read research that suggests children with autism ...


Fifth Disease

L.B. asks from Boston

My 13 month old daughter was diagnosed with Fifth Disease a week ago Sunday, every day since then her rash as grown worse. Currently the rash covers her entire body ...


Hand, Foot, Mouth

L.P. asks from Sacramento

My 6 year old has hand, foot, mouth disease. Anyone have ANY suggestions on how to handle his pain? Bad sores on his throat. Using Tylenol and Motrin which helps b...


Treatment for Mosquito Bites?

R.S. asks from Minneapolis

My 2-yr-old daughter gets the worst mosquito bites! Most of her bites turn into welts larger than a quarter and they're terribly itchy. If she gets a few bites, she...


((( Chicken Pox..18 Month Old ))))

J.S. asks from Bellingham

my daughter is 18 months old...this morning she had no signs of chicken pox, no about 6 hours later, the bumps came soo fast...who could she catch it from...



F.S. asks from Tampa

Hi Everyone, My (nearly) 2yo has hives!! They are nasty. I have called the doctors and they seem to not be too worried (providing she has no other symptoms) and ha...


Benadryl and My 5 Yr Old Son

B.C. asks from Los Angeles

how much benadryl do i give my 5 year old son?... This is for itchiness on his his back and arms?


Chicken Pox and Medication

A.C. asks from Boca Raton

Hi! Today my daughter broke out with what we believe to be the chicken pox. We are all fine with it and consider it part of growing up. I brought her to the dr thi...