Illnesses & Symptoms: Preschooler, Aquaphor

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My 4 Year Old Won't Stop Sucking on His Clothes/hands

H.M. asks from Cincinnati

My son is 4 1/2 and has recently started sucking on his shirts, jackets, and hands constantly. Today he went through 3 shirts before finally making him go bareback f...


Almost 4 Year Old, Very Chapped Lips

S.B. asks from Wichita

My almost 4 year old has very chapped lips. I put lip balm on it and my husband puts some kind of mentholatum (sorry about the spelling) on it at night. But it seems ...


Cracking Lips 3 Yo...

R.H. asks from Tampa

I have a 3 year old daughter, who recently (for the last 2-3 months) always has dry, cracking, sometimes bleeding lips. I tried chapsticks, etc..but no luck. I'm wo...


How Do I Get My 3 Year Old to Stop Licking His Lips So Much?

T.W. asks from Detroit

My 3 1/2 year old has been licking his lips and around his lips a lot the past couple weeks. As a result he has dry patches that are really red and even a spot that l...


4 Year Old Girl Suckng on lips...they're Super Chapped!

M.J. asks from Spokane

My stepdaughter has sucked on her lips for years. She did it while living with her abusive mom, she did it while living with her grandmother, and she's still doing it...


Suggestions on Daughter Who Has Hirschsprungs Disease Now Has Chronic Diarrhea

W.J. asks from Louisville

My 3 y/o daughter has hirschsprungs disease. She had corrective surgery. She now can have bowel movements but it is always diarrhea. It has been 2 years since surgery...


P.Son Scratched Himself on Face in Drool Spot. Not Healing Well. Bright Red.

J.R. asks from Miami

Dear Mommas, My 3 YO son scratched himself 4 days ago on his face. he drools a great deal, so the area is still bright red and not able to heal properly I think. I p...


Daughter Licking Lips Constantly

H.B. asks from Denver

My 4 year old daughter is constantly licking her lips and her face is getting really chapped. It drives me crazy! I know her face is dry and have tried lotion and unf...


Red Dots/blotches on Son's Face

L.Y. asks from Allentown

My 4 year old son has had these two red blotches on his cheeks all winter. I thought at first it was just dry skin and have been putting Aquaphor lotion on it every ...



J.M. asks from San Diego

I know you aren't "supposed" to give kids under 4 y/o any meds now but is there anything I can give my 2 year old to stop this constant stream of SNOT coming out of h...