Illnesses & Symptoms: Playtex

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9-Week Old Refusing to Accept a Bottle

My nine week old daughter has suddenly started to refuse accepting a bottle. We introduced a bottle, once daily, at 2-weeks of age, per the recommendation of our pediatrician. After six successful weeks, one week ago, she began to refuse it. She becomes hysterical as soon as the nipple is put in her mouth; she kicks, cries, and fights it, seeming to only want the breast. My husband and/or my mother spend 45-60 minutes working on this with her, soothing her as soon as she becomes upset, and then re-introducing the bottle when she is calm....

Aches & Pains

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Dr. Brown's Bottles or Playtex Drop-in Bottles?

I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts about which kind of bottle is better....Dr. Brown's or Playtex Drop-ins? I am thinking of nursing the baby, but I still want to have a bottle to use.


Postpartum Joint Pain

Since having my son in January, I've had increasing joint pain in my knees ...


Severe Joint Pain

Hello, I have been experiencing severe joint pain since before giving birth...


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Playtex Drop Ins

Anyone out there use playtex drop ins? How do you feel about them? I am considering trying them for baby #2 thinking that it will be less cleaning of bottles (hubby is not much help!). I will likely use a few different brands of bottles (like dr browns and avent in past.) If you have used them, can you mix the formula and water in the pouch itself or do you have to premix the formula then put it in the pouch? Just curious, thanks!


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Need Tips on Making Formula in Batches and Mixing Formula with Playtex Drop Ins

Need some tips on making formula in batches or mixing formula with the Playtex drop-ins. My 3 month old son just recently switched from a special formula for his milk allergy (Neocate) to Similac Alimentum. We were making fresh bottles each time with the Neocate. However, my son is now eating between 6 and 7 ounces, which 7 ounces is not feasible to measure on the Alimentum - it's in increments of 2 ounces. So I wanted to make a batch an them pour 6-7 ounces in each bottle. I use the Playtex Drop in bottles and have loved them, but...


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Bpa-free, Spill Proof Child's Cup

I LOVE the Nalgene Grip-n-Gulp toddler cups. They're nearly unbreakable (at least my toddler hasn't broken one yet). However, they contain BPA. I'm wondering if any of you can recommend a spill-proof sippy cup that is as durable as the Nalgene cups and isn't a health risk to my 2-year old.


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Tips for Constipated Infant?

Hi Mamas, My 6 week old is gassy and constipated. I have tried everything the pediatrician has asked me to do. Today they tell me to "just keep doing what you are doing" which is not working. At their suggestion, I have been putting corn syrup in a bottle 1X/day and used rectal thermometer w/ petroleum jelly, warm washcloth on belly too. He is exclusively breastfed, eats well and is gaining weight. He has not had a BM since Tuesday and this has been going on for three weeks. He has one to two BM's a week and doc tells me this is normal. ...


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Used Medela Pump in Style

It's my understanding that breast pumps cannot be reused by another person or refurbished in anyway because of bacteria. I am no longer using mine and would like to do more with it than dump it in the trash. Does anyone know of anything I can do with the pump? I wish someone who needs it could get use out of it, but I don't want to do anything harmful whilst trying to be helpful. Suggestions please :)