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Need Ideas on Getting Toddler to Take Regular Sippy Cup

My son had a very hard time transferring from the bottle to a Nuby cup. We had to go cold turkey and suffer through it. Now, a year later, the Nuby cups are driving me crazy. He chews on the silicone spouts, and they break. I've been buying tons of them, and it's ridiculous to continue at this point. He won't drink out of any of the sippy cups I've bought, even the starter ones with softer spouts. ANY IDEAS? I'm thinking going cold turkey again may be my only option, but I don't know if I can stand his whining and complaining (he makes me...


Constant Runny Nose

Hi momma's since starting preschool my DS constantly has a runny nose every...


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Help with Weaning (Milk Allergy)

I have a 13 month old daughter who has a milk allergy. She is exclusively breastfed, and never took the bottle (no matter how many times we tried). She does take water out of a cup with a straw. I'd like to wean her. We're limited on formula's due to her milk allergy. We've tried soy formula, peptamen junior (had allergic reaction) and now elecare. She's okay with taking a sip here and there(either a sigg water bottle or a nuby bottle with handles) , but will not drink enough for me to wean her. I don't know what the problem is -...


Sippy Cup Dilemma

My son is six months old, and I am trying to get him to drink some diluted...


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Trying to Find a Sippy Cup

My daughter will be 9 months old soon and still won't drink out of a sippy cup. My older daughter was completely off of the bottle by 10 months old and started the cup at 6 months. I have tried two different Nuby kinds of cups with her and she just won't have anything to do with them. What kinds of cups worked for the rest of you?


Bottles W/out BPA

My son has been using the Dr. Browns bottles and they have worked well for...

Cold & Flu

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Need Advice on Cold Milk in a Sippy Cup

My 19 month old still drinks warmed (or room temp) milk in a bottle. one bottle first thin in the morning and one at night before bed time. I know I probably should have tried to nix this warm milk in a bottle thing earlier. I've tried cold milk and she threw a fit but one time she drank some of it but not all at once like she normally slurps down her milk in a bottle. I'm worried she won't get enough milk with it being cold and/or in a sippy cup. Also, we usually do straw cups (not sippy cups). But I do have some Nuby silicon nipple...


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My Baby Just Started Solids and She's So Constipated!

My daughter is 4 months and 3 weeks. I just started giving her a little bit of rice cereal and baby food. She became so constipated! The pediatrician said to switch to oatmeal and pears, peaches and peas, but that didn't work either! The only way she poops is with a suppository! Also, she won't drink pear juice because she doesn't drink from a bottle! Any suggestions?


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Sippy Cup Help!

My darling, stubborn 13 month old son ONLY uses the Nuby sippy cups (which was a great transition cup from bottle to sippy for my girls, apparently not for my son). He has 12 teeth, a real mouthful, and chews the tips of the Nuby nipples so they leak. NOT COOL. I've bought LITERALLY every. single. sippy. under the sun, and he can't drink from them. It's not that he doesn't try, he's just not getting it from a hard sippy. I don't know if this could be because he was tongue tied at birth (he got snipped), or if I just need to be persistant ...


Giving up the Bottle

Hi, I am a first time mom and have a healthy 13 month old little boy. My...