Illnesses & Symptoms: Myself, The First Years

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Do You Love Your Job?

I seem to struggle in finding rewarding work, or just work I can somewhat enjoy. I know we are all different, but I'm looking for thoughts, inspiration and ideas. So, besides being a parent, we all love that (most of the time! Haha). do you have an income earning job that you love? What is it, and why do you love it?

Aches & Pains

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Postpartum Joint Pain

Since having my son in January, I've had increasing joint pain in my knees (and thumbs!), along with some back pain -- feels almost arthritic. At first I thought it was just the normal wear-and-tear of my new daily routine along with lack of sleep. Well, I've been getting normal sleep now that baby sleeps through most -- if not all -- of the night, but the pain has only gotten worse. Has anyone else had this postpartum joint pain? Does it go away after breastfeeding maybe?


Pain or Bad Habit?

My son is a few days shy of 6 months old. He is breast fed, though does take...


Sever Left Leg Pain

my 2 1/2 yr old nephew has been having sever left leg pain and at times he...


Severe Joint Pain

Hello, I have been experiencing severe joint pain since before giving birth...