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Possible Sinus Infection During Pregnancy

Hi everyone, I'm hoping we have a nurse or doctor lurking around here. My OB's office is closed on the weekends and only takes emergencies on weekend calls. I'm 15 weeks pregnant and what has started out as a nasty cold may have developed into a sinus infection. The pain and pressure in my face is getting worse every day and becoming unbearable. Does anyone know what OTC medications other than sudefed and tylenol will help with this that I can take? I know that sinus infections are typically treated with antibiotics but there isn't much I...


Constant Runny Nose

Hi momma's since starting preschool my DS constantly has a runny nose every...

Aches & Pains

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Going Back to Work Need Advice on Breastfeeding/pumping!!!

ok, so i am going back to work in a little less than 2 weeks. my dd will be 8 weeks old and is exclusively breast fed, she loves it. it has been difficult getting her to take a bottle, but we are working on it. with my older daughter when i went back to work, i had a terrible pump, and was never able to pump much, therefore she was on formula during the days i was not with her, then i breastfed her everytime i was. this time around i have a much better pump, and have been pumping here and there to stock up, for when i go back to work. ...


Help! Help! Help!

I am at my wits end! I have twin boys 17mo old. They were born at 30 weeks....


Postpartum Joint Pain

Since having my son in January, I've had increasing joint pain in my knees ...


Severe Joint Pain

Hello, I have been experiencing severe joint pain since before giving birth...


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Help Needed for Constipated Child

My son is almost 9 and has been suffering with tummy aches and constipation for a couple months now. When he first started complaining about "not feeling good" I didn't connect the constipation with it because as far as I know, he hasn't had trouble with it before. For about the past week now, he has had trouble passing stools because they are big and hard....sorry I know this is gross, but we're all moms right? Anyway, it's about killing me to hear him whimpering in the bathroom as he's trying to go and he's afraid it will happen at...


Son Is Constipated

Hi, I was just wondering what I should do if my 6 month old is constipated....