Illnesses & Symptoms: Myself, Desitin

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How to Remove Desitin

I.C. asks from San Francisco

My son has carefully spread a very tick layer of Desitin on his brother blanket (and on his brother too). I have tried to wash the blanket every day for a week and th...


Getting Desitin Out of Clothes

L. asks from Charlotte

Does anyone have any tips for getting Desitin (the ointment) out of clothes? I was diapering my son on my lap last night (because he was in pain from the rash) and ...


Yeast Infection or Just Irritated?

A.B. asks from Odessa

I have a 2 year girl, who 1 week after her 2nd birthday decides she is ready to be out of diapers. She is very out going and can do it herself kind of person. But s...


Suggestions on Daughter Who Has Hirschsprungs Disease Now Has Chronic Diarrhea

W.J. asks from Louisville

My 3 y/o daughter has hirschsprungs disease. She had corrective surgery. She now can have bowel movements but it is always diarrhea. It has been 2 years since surgery...


Nystatin Expertise' for Rash Infection

H.M. asks from Detroit

Thanks to all of your advice for my son's perpetual rash I did get him in to the dr and he is being treated for a yeast infection with nystatin ointment. We've been ...


How Do I Treat Yeast Infection?

S.T. asks from Chicago

Each summer as the temp's rise I always manage to end up with a yeast infection and not in my "Private" area but usually anywhere my skin touches (namely under my bre...


No Insurance, Need Pediatrician for Daughter's Rash!

T.K. asks from Dallas

I am recently separated from my husband and have moved back to the Ellis county area from Arkansas, until we can see if things will work out. He was laid off from his...


Skin irritation/Rash

P.E. asks from Tampa

My 22 month old son has a rash that is on the fold of his leg where his diaper attaches and it is spreading up on his stomach. It is also on his bottom and on the bac...


Diaper Rash Help

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- We were fortunate never to have any diaper rash when DS was in diapers. Now that he's in underpants, save for naps and at night, he's developed a r...


4 Year Old Figgity and Shaky Hands

J.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms...something heavy on my mind tonight. I picked up my daughter at preschool this afternoon, and asked how her week was, I was asked if I had ever noticed her h...