Illnesses & Symptoms: Infant

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9-Month-old with a Runny Nose...

Hi Moms! I have a 9-month-old son and for the last few days he has had a very runny nose and is all stuffed up. He does not let me suck his nose out or even wipe it for that matter unless I pin him down. He has been teething lately and already had 2 bottom teeth. Is this becasue of the teething? Otherwise, he is okay. No fever, coughing, etc. I am going to try to run the humidifier tonight and see if that helps. My questions are: is there anything I could give him over the counter and does anyone have a better solution for me cleaning his...


2 Year Old Coughing.

my son has been coughing terribly for almost 5 weeks now.we have gone to the...


Constant Runny Nose

Hi momma's since starting preschool my DS constantly has a runny nose every...

Aches & Pains

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Postpartum Joint Pain

Since having my son in January, I've had increasing joint pain in my knees (and thumbs!), along with some back pain -- feels almost arthritic. At first I thought it was just the normal wear-and-tear of my new daily routine along with lack of sleep. Well, I've been getting normal sleep now that baby sleeps through most -- if not all -- of the night, but the pain has only gotten worse. Has anyone else had this postpartum joint pain? Does it go away after breastfeeding maybe?


Severe Joint Pain

Hello, I have been experiencing severe joint pain since before giving birth...


Relief for Tendonitis

I'm wondering if any of you have personal experience with trying a "natural"...


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Help with My Zit Face!!

I am 22 yrs old and getting married in June. Here in the last 6 months or so I have been having these terrible breakouts! I sure don't want to have them on my wedding day!! I have tried using organic products like Eminence and I have tried AcneFree facial products. Nothing is working for me!! The Acnefree burned and dried out my skin, and I was only using it 3 times a week. I do not have oily skin and usually only dry in the winter. I need some serious help with it for sure!! The breakouts are mostly on my cheeks and temples.


Acne and Preteen

My 12 year old daughter has hit the age of acne. She has started to break...


32 With Acne :(

I've been battling break outs more so in my late 20's and into my early 30's...


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Is Is ADD or What?

My 9 year old has recently been diagnosed with ADD. Since the end of her 2nd grade year she began getting notes and we had conferences about her daydreaming, talking, raising her hand to ask questions that had nothing to do with the discussion. This has gotten worse as she is now in 3rd grade and she would get a note at least 3 out of the 5 days of the week. She is loved by all and her teachers say she is so sweet and thoughtful but she would not focus, daydreams, she still asks off the wall questions at school and many times she just...


Is It ADD?

I have been having a lot of problems with my middle daughter. She is almost...


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Allergic to Baby?

I've had stress hives off and on (rarely) since 10 years old. I became higlhly allergic to dust mites, pollens, molds and animals with fur after the age of 18. I take alternating doses of zyrtec and claritin. Even with my 13 cats, this allergy med regime works 98% of the time. Since the baby has come home (1.5 months, baby is 2 months), I've had hives spring up at east 2 times a week, if not more. It's mainly hives over and under my breasts, underarms, and lips would swell. The last few times, it was more widespread... crease at...


Infant with Allergy?

My 6 month old seems to have some kind of allergy from the weather. We went...


Allergic to Enfamil?

My 3 month old has had feeding issues since he was a month old. He gets a...


Allergy or What?

When getting my 2 year old ready for dinner i took her shirt off and found...


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Infant with Constipation

Hello. My little boy is almost 11 months and has always been irregular when it came to his dirty diapers, but now it down right hurts (both him and me). He has recently been straining so hard (to produce not so much) that he cries and cries. He even got a little hemmeroid. We are giving him pear and apple juices and feeding him prunes, and have even given a few suppositories but we hope his little body will soon regulate everything. Is there any advice on foods to give or remedies anyone else has had with this problem? Thanks in advance.


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Input from Moms of Autistic Spectrum Kids About Help Wanted from Extended Family

I have a grandson on the autistic spectrum and belong to a support group for grandparents. I would love input from you mothers (and fathers) with kids on the spectrum. What are some of the problems you have with extended family? What would you like from them? I write for a Parent Coaches blog on the subject of grandparents' roles today, relationships with adult children, and such. I want to help grandparents like myself learn how to be most helpful with special needs kids, since I hear from both sides about communication difficulties, hurt...


Could It Be Autism?

i know a 2 year old who still does not talk, is overy irritable, clingy to...

Autism Spectrum

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Input from Moms of Autistic Spectrum Kids About Help Wanted from Extended Family

I have a grandson on the autistic spectrum and belong to a support group for grandparents. I would love input from you mothers (and fathers) with kids on the spectrum. What are some of the problems you have with extended family? What would you like from them? I write for a Parent Coaches blog on the subject of grandparents' roles today, relationships with adult children, and such. I want to help grandparents like myself learn how to be most helpful with special needs kids, since I hear from both sides about communication difficulties, hurt...


Could It Be Autism?

i know a 2 year old who still does not talk, is overy irritable, clingy to...

Bed Wetting & Night Accidents

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Bed Wetting Advice

My son will soon be 7 years of age and still wetting the bed. I have tried the alarm, the buzz is too loud and hurts his ears....talked with my pediatrician who seems to think its just fine. We are both at our witts end. I recently heard that maybe he needs an adjustment from the Chiropractor??? Any ideas, suggestions?


6Yo Wetting Bed Again

My 6.5 year old has started wetting the bed again, the last 3-4 nights in a...

Blocked Tear Ducts

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Clogged Tear Ducts

My 8 month old son has had clogged tear ducts since he was born. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this. The doctor says it normally goes away on it's own, but it's getting very frustrating. He screams when we try to put the warm washcloth on his eyes to wipe it off and we do it as gently as possible. Has anyone had the procedure done to open the tear ducts? If so, what was your experience with that? Does it work? Thank you for your help.


Blocked Tear Ducts

Hi Mamas, I have a wonderful 13 month old daughter who had blocked tear...


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Questions About Bronchitis

I had bronchitis for about a month. I seem to be over the worst part... not being able to breath, coughing alot. Now I am left with really thick mucus in my throat. When I do cough, I cough it up. Not be be gross, but it is sometimes yellowish and never clear. Does it sound like I need to go back to the doctor? Do you have an suggestions on what I can take to help thin it all out and get it back to normal? I feel so much better than when the bronchitis was taking over. I just want to get rid of all of it.


Bronchitis or Asthma

My daughter has had a dry hacking cough that affects her mostly at night for...

Bronchitis & Bronchiolitis

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Help Soothe Infant Bronchitis

My son was discharged from the hospital today with acute bronchitis. He is 18 months and is having a hard time breathing. He is also refusing to eat anything. Any suggestions on how I can help him get comfortable and return to eating?


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What to Do for a Friend with Cancer

I have a friend that was diagnosed with cancer. I don't live very close and work full time, so I can't help out much. But besides the emails and requests for updates, what is something I can do for her. She has a husband and 6 month old, so I know this is very hard for her and she is scared.


Friend with Cancer

I have a friend/co-worker who has breast cancer and is going to have surgery...


My Moms Cancer

im a 13 yr old girl and my mom was diognosed with pre cancer last month and...


Could This Be Cancer?

I have a wart, mold looking thing on my eyelid. I started "growing" it about...


Advice on Cancer..

I have a aunt that is dealing with having cancer. She had the cancer removed...

Cerebral Palsy

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Seeking Information on Cerebral Palsy

I would like to meet parents of children with cerebral palsy and who have had preemies. I had my son when I was 29 1/2 wks, and he spent 57 days in the nicu,he is healthy 6yr old now. Just would like to talk about it and maybe comfort some other parent who maybe going through it.

Chicken Pox

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Could This Be Chicken Pox?

my son has red bumps on his body.. abotu 20 spots... arms legs torso.. a couple here a couple there. it is 40 degrees outside.. not a mosquito to be seen. my hub said bedbugs.. but I see no evidence of bedbugs... He is acting totally fine.. no fever.. no lethargy.. running around all day. he is not vaccintaed for chicken pox. i have not heard of any cases of pox at their school.. (and the school is good about sending notes home for illnesses.) the only reason I think chicken pox. is this is the time of year for pox.. i...


Is It Chicken Pox???

Help, My son has a rash all over his chest, tummy and sides. They started...


Chicken Pox or Is It?

I am wondering if anyone has had this happen to their children that have had...

Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

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What Do You Know About High Blood Pressure?

I've always had high blood pressure... well, above 'normal' (which is 120/80)... The past few time's I've been to the doctor for various reasons, I've received letters: 'This is letting you know that you should schedule a follow up visit for your last BP reading'... I've always let it go, because usually, I'm stressed to the max when I go to the doc, so I've passed it off as that. Well when I went Monday, my BP was 150/100. SOOOO not good. I'm not obese, take relatively good care of myself, trying to quit smoking, eat pretty healthy,...


High Blood Pressure

My 6 y/o daughter was recently found to have high blood pressure both at her...

Cold & Flu

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Cold, Runny Nose Advice

My 18 month old has her first cold. She has a runny nose, and drainage that made her gag and throw up a little last night. I could hear that she has a lot of drainage and was having trouble breathing through her nose. I have been SO very lucky that she has been a very healthy child. She just started in a Mother's Day Out program, so I am sure she'll begin to pick up more germs. Can anyone give me advice on alleviating cold symptoms and what to watch for, in terms of this moving to an ear infection? Should I use the humidifier? Vapor rub?...


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14-Month-old Is Constipated

My 14-month-old son is constipated a few times a week. I have been in contact a few times with the pediatrician's office and am doing everything I can. This started when he was switched over from formula to whole milk. Also, he does not drink much water. I am always forcing it on him, but he won't drink much. I give him prunes or blueberries to eat, make his baby cereal with prune juice, give him whole grain foods, etc. I also water down his milk and occasionally put Karo syrup in his milk. He still has problems with constipation. ...


Son Is Constipated

Hi, I was just wondering what I should do if my 6 month old is constipated....


Baby Is Constipated

My baby boy is almost 14 months, just three weeks ago he started whole milk,...

Cough & Cold

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Son Wakes with Stuffy Nose

My son who is 14 months old usually wakes earlier in the morning than usual (6 am) with a stuffy nose. Once he is up he wakes up completely after his nose has been cleaned out. Rarely he will not have a stuffy nose in the early morning and sleep until 7. His schedule gets all off waking up an hour earlier (he'll take 2 naps and then go to bed late), plus I would love to have that extra hour of sleep. I've tried everything from humidifier to vaporizer and it still never fails in the early morning hours he gets such a congested nose he wakes...


Help with Stuffy Nose

My 5 month old has had a stuffy nose for a little over a week now. Last Wed...


Always Stuffy Nose

My 2 1/2 year old daughter has been having this stuffy nose problem for past...



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Food Dehydrator - Any Suggestions?

Hi all - I'm thinking of buying a food dehydrator. It would be an occasional-use gadget - not something I did everyday. I would like to get something quality, but nothing industrial sized or too pricey. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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Does Anyone Have Diabetes?

I need some help here Mamas. I was just diagnosed with Diabetes yesterday (while in the hospital for chest pains- not the best weekend). They really didn't give me any information about it or what to eat or even how to test my blood sugar. (I got the test stuff today and just read the instructions that came with it and checked it). I have no idea even what normal blood sugar is (mine was 171 tonight). I am waiting for a call back from the hospital's diabetes management class coordinator but in the meantime I'm at a loss. I think I'm a type...


Diabetes in Children

Does any one have a child with Diabetes. I am looking for what signs and...


Signs of Diabetes??

I dont know much about diabetes so hopfully some of you can give me some...


New to Diabetes

My husband is 37 yrs old and was recently diagnosed with diabetes. He lost...


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Diarrhea - What to Do

Hi- My daughter is 10 months old and has diarrhea ever since we were at the doctors office for her check-up a week and a half ago. She did not receive any vaccines however, she did receive her first dose of the flu shot. She has no other signs of being sick, ie; no fever, still eating well and over all good spirits. I am not sure what to do. She is eating table food in addition to being breast fed four times a day. Any suggestions about what to do would be great. Thank you!!

Ear Ache

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Endometriosis and Fertility

My question is does anybody out there have endometriosis, and what has trying to get pregnant been like for you? We have not really tried, but we do not use protection and yet nothing has happened yet. Some of my friends say I should go to a fertility doctor now before we really try and get a work up? I know years ago one of my doctors said that there is no way to tell, for me, if it will be hard or easy. He said I have a lot of scar tissue from the endometriosis, so he said until I try there is no way to tell. Is this true? Just wondering...


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How Do I Break a High Temperature??

My son has had a temperature all day. He was up at 5:30am with a temp of 101.+ and I gave him some tylenol and kept him in bed with me and the temp went down. It went up a little before nap time and has been pretty consistent throughout the day at 99.6. Now we are back up to 101. He is in the bath now, he has had popsicles and lots of fluids. I am not sure what else to do. Any suggestions????


Out of No Where Fever

My 18 month old slept terrible last night, this morning he has a fever with...


Strep- High Fever

Hi, My 7 yr old has strep for the first time. Woke up from a nap w a 104.6...



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Is It the Flu

Does anyone know how to tell the diferance between a bad cold and the flu?


The Flu Is Here

Hi Ladies, My son was diagnosed with the flu yesterday and already...


Could It Be the Flu

Okay I know this is going to sound really crazy but I have onyl had the flu...


Flu or Not?

Just wanted to pass this along. All week this week my son has been sick,...


Flu or H1n1

how did you know if your child has the seasonal flu or the h1n1 flu? thanks

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

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Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

i just found out that my 14 month old has hand foot and mouth disease. my doctor gave me a print out about HFMD but i find it to be not very helpful. i have been researching it on the internet, but i was hoping someone that has been through this with their kids and will have some advice or insite on what to do and how she could have caught this.

Head Lice

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Is It Lice???

Hello Our friend came over with his daughter Saturday and found lice on her Sunday...I have vacuumed, disinfected and thrown away the costumes she was playing with. So here's the question my 2 year old has sticky white dandruff looking gunk on the top of her scalp(she is late to get hair so when wet you can see scalp) I didn't see anything moving what is it? What should I do?? She has not been scratching at all, and her brothers look fine. She also loves to rub yogurt in hair...don't ask...and hates to have her scalp scrubbed, which i...


We Have LICE

My itchy head woes continued as we did a lice check yesterday. I have it,...


Question About Lice

My 15 month old has lice. My mom discovered last week when we went over to...

Heart Disease

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Open Heart Surgery

Can anyone give me any information on the recovery time for open heart surgery? I am taking care of my dad and he is having a difficult time sleeping. He can not relax enough to sleep, he is tense all the time and is in a great deal of pain.


Doggy Heart Murmur

Our 14 yr old terrier mix has had a heart murmur for a couple years. It...


Heartburn & Indigestion

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Indigestion and Heartburn

I am 29 weeks pregnant I have been having heartburn and indigestion so bad i get sick. it happens every night i use to drink milk to relieve it but has gotten worse. I cant take tubs or Rolaids I get sick when i take them. I cant sleep it is a burning feeling below my ribs and up all m throat. it doesn't help to prop up to sleep i am just miserable.

High Blood Pressure

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Q About Hypertension

So my DH went to the dentist and they took his blood pressure and said it was 137/99. I just read that 140/90 is hypertension and he is prehypertension. What I can't seem to find is whether this is a permanent thing that will just have to be treated? Also should we make an appt to see the doctor asap or just try to help him loose weight and change diet habits (he is pretty overweight - I love him just the way he is, but we are more worried about the long term effects of being that overweight). He's only 22, but is something like stroke...

High Cholesterol

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High Cholesterol While Pregnant

I am expecting my second baby and recently had my annual physical and was told my cholesterol was on the high range of normal , I found this to be very surprising since it does not run in my family and I maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am wondering if anyone else has had this occur while pregnant. I was assured that there was no risk to my baby but just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if the levels returned to more of a safe range after pregnancy?


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Breastfeeding While on Medication?

Ok Mommas, I am getting conflicting advice from my health care professionals. I am due in two weeks w/ baby #2, have been on Synthroid (for hypothyroid) and Toprol (for high blood pressure) since 2005. Was not on either medication when I had baby #1. Have been taking both meds during this pregnancy. My question is if any of you have breastfed while on these medications or know someone who has? Ob said it should ne safe. Pediatrician said Synthroid ok, but Toprol possibly not, and I should ask lacatation consultant when I have baby at...

Mental Health & Learning Disabilities

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Questions About Receiving Disability for Child with Adhd??!

I have been told from several friends and some strangers that their children are receiving disability for adhd. My son is about to turn 7 and was diagnosed about 2 yr ago. He is very hyperactive child..he goes non stop from the time his eyes open in the morning to the time his eyes close at night which sometimes can be late because he is so wound up.. He is in the 1st grade and does very well in school. He makes all A's and B's! He often gets extra credit on spelling tests for bonus words and makes 106 on those tests! but rarely studies his...


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Kids with MONO?

My 2yr old daughter has been diagnosed with mononucleosis (MONO). It started out as a throat infection, tonsils full of puss, swollen glands, and on & off fever. After being on antibiotics for a whole week, once she was off the antibiotics she got sick again...with just hi fever and one day with diarrhea. The following week I took her to the doctors with just on & off fever... but the doctor said her glands were still swollen. She had blood work done and the results came back saying she had MONO. I have never heard of kids as young...


Babysitter Has Mono

Oh no! Our regular babysitter has mono. She watches my two girls (ages 6...


Mono Mono Twins

my sister in law is pregnant for the first time with mono mono twins. has...

Pink Eye

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Pink Eye? Not Pink Eye?

Hey Guys, I need some advice /opinions here, sorry it's kind of long. My two sons, ages 2 and 4, go to a home daycare with 3 other kids. The lady who watches them is the grandmother of one of the girls there. Well the girl started complaining that her eyes were burning and she ran a slight fever one day. The next day she woke up with her eyes crusted shut with yellow/green gunk. Her eyes were swollen but not pink. So mom took her to the doctor, who then sent her to an eye doctor. Both said that is was probably just her sinuses...


Pink Eye? :(

Yesterday my right eye was bothering me when I put my contacts in, I didn't...


More Pink Eye!!

My 2-year-old daughter got the croup over the weekend and now has pink-eye....


Pink Eye Symptoms

Has anyone's babies every had pink eye and if so what were their symptoms?...


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About PMDD or PMS

Is anyone familiar with two very specific aspects of either PMDD or PMS? The first aspect I'm interested in is intense all-over itching, without a visible rash. The other aspect I'd like info on is eczema, specifically related to PMDD or PMS. Can it possibly flare up around the time of one's period? So I guess what I'm trying to figure out is, how can menstruation affect skin, either by causing extreme itching (not hives, and not a rash but nearly unbearable itching), or by causing eczema which is usually extremely mild to...


Anyone with Pmdd?

Hi ladies, I am close to 43 years old and for the past 2 years or so I start...


From PPD to PMDD?

I'm wondering if any of you moms has had any experience with PPD and PMDD. ...


Any Advice on PMDD?

Just wondering if anyone has any other advice on PMDD besides anti-depressants.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome / PCOS

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

I have a good friend who was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She was diagnosed a few years ago and knew that it could cause fertility issues. She is only 27 and she and her husband have just started trying to get pregnant. Because of her diagnosis, her doctor is monitoring her very closly and has started her on different medication in an attempt to cause her to ovulate (her body does not do it on its own). She has been reading a lot about other woman in this situation and most of them have not been able to conceive. I...


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Is It Eczema?

My 7 month old has been having these dry, rough pinkish places come up like on his arm in the inside crease of his elbow and on his face. I know he suffers from allergies, he is so stuffy more so at night, and since allergies and eczema go hand in hand thats what i think it is. should i take him to his pediatrician or an allergy specialist for diagnosis?? our pcp is so vague she may just say "yeah it Could be" and that be it. And if it is eczema how do you treat a baby?? thanks moms:)


Baby with Hives?

Hi. My 5-month-old baby seems to keep getting what looks like Hives. I...


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Any Mom's Out There with Epilepsy?

I had my first grand-mal seizure at 33 years old while 8 months pregnant. My pregnancy was then considered high risk and weekly monitoring was required. Everything turned out fine and I have a beautiful son. I was prescribed an anti seizure medication which I stopped taking shortly after my son was born. 8 months after the first seizure I had another. At this point my Neurologist ran additional tests and I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. He put me on a different medication. Still in denial about my condition I stopped taking my...


Moms with Epilepsy

I am being quite vulnerable here, but I am desperate to talk with other moms...

Sleep Issues

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Anyone Familiar with Sleep Disorders?

My husband has had difficulty sleeping normally since I know him - he doesn't fall asleep till 2-3 in morning and tosses a lot and then he cannot wake up in the morning either. If I let him he sleeps in till noon and misses out on the day. He works privately and he sets his own hours but its interfering with his ability to earn what we need to survive. I work part time with baby at home now but its really stressful to have to scream every morning to get him out of bed for work. Help!!! If anyone has background or experience with sleep...

Stomach Virus

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Stomach Virus or Something Else?

My 6 year old daughter has been having severe stomach pain, usually within a a few hours of eating. It gets worse at night and she has woken up the last several nights around 10pm, crying that her stomach hurts. She has vomited a few times and immediately after that she feels better. At first I thought it was constipation so we gave her a children's laxative and she has had several BM's. She does not have a fever, no diarreah, doesn't seem sick except maybe a bit more tired from the late nights. No one in her class has anything like...


Stomach Bug vs Flu?

My four year old is just getting over the stomach bug. Throwing up w no...

Strep Infections

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Maybe Strep Throat??....

****Please read my update in the so what happened section.**** My throat has been hurting me so bad. I can hardly swallow and I have white spots on my tonsils. Also, I think I have an ear infection in both my ears, and I can't breath through my nose anymore. I'm pretty sure it is Strep Throat. I can't afford to go to the doctors. I don't have health insurance for myself, and there is no way I could pay out of pocket right now. Do any of you know any good home remedies to help with my throat? I just can't handle the pain anymore....

Support Groups

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53 answers

How Do You Know When to Test for ADD or ADHD

Hi, I am very frustrated with my 8 1/2 yr old son. I don't know if he just is stubborn and doesn't want to listen to me, or if something is wrong as far as his attention span. How do you know when it's time to test for ADD? What kind of symptoms do you look for? My son is defiant, he doesn't pay attention, he doesn't remember what I say, even if I said it two seconds ago. I have to constantly remind him to do things that should be habit by now. It' s like every day he wakes up and has forgotten the rules. I yell at him almost every...


ADD / ADHD Help!

My 5 year old son was just dianosed with ADHD. We have been having a lot of...


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What to Do About Thrush???

MY 3 month old has Thrush! I am breastfeeding twins, and am afraid of the other getting it too. Doc recommends Nystatin. I 've read many differing results. Anyone with experience dealing with this?? Advice needed.


Is This Thrush?

My son is four months old and last night I noticed a tiny patch of something...


Thrush - Again

What I was wondering is if anyone has had Thrush multiple times and if so,...


Is It Thrush?

I am a new mom with a three week old and need some help. We have been having...


Advice on Thrush

Any previous experience with how to treat thrush? This is my 2nd child, but...


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About Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

big words for those who have no idea what they are right?? i have 6 month old absolutely beautiful and perfect twins. the first born, my son, was quite "squished" in me where as my second had ample room. no surprise that my first twin has torticollis and plagiocephaly. we have been going to PT for a couple of months, and where as the torticollis is so much better (not fully but a vast improvement), i can not tell about the shape of his skull. i know they say that it will reshape within the first year, but should i be concerned? if anyone...

Urinary Tract Infections

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Infant Girl with Urinary Reflux

Hello Mom's--I am deep in research on information on infant girls with urinary reflux. My 4 month old was diagnosed yesterday with grade 3 reflux---and I am just wanting to hear real life experiences of treatment. I too have had UR all my life and know what treatments did and did not work for me. My pedi ( not pedi urologist...which I am wondering if we need instead) wants to do the Prophylactic antibiotics. I am not really comfortable with this treatment especially since the research I found says it often does not work that well. Have...


UTI And Antibiotics?

Hi Mamas, OK...I have read several postings regarding UTI's, however none...


Is This a UTI

Could this one be a UTI? even though i don't have any burning, just...


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A Cough and a Vomit.....

Almost three weeks ago my 10 1/2 month old son came down with a little stomach bug. A few days after that he caught a pretty bad cold. During the cold when he would cough really hard it would make him vomit. Fast forward to present time, cold is all but gone, and aside from two days in the last 19 he is still vomiting about once a day (was 3-4 times a day at height of cold) after a he coughs. Took him to his dr. two weeks ago for his 10 month check-up and she told us that we just need to let the cold run it's course and things should...


Vomiting with Strep

I posted a question about 3 weeks ago now about my child having strep. Well...


Throw up or Spit Up?

I have a three month old who just started throwing up (spitting up) after he...


Cleaning up Vomit

dd vomited on the couch, its leather so not really a big deal till you add...