Illnesses & Symptoms: First Response

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First Response Ovulation Tests

have any of you had luck using the first response ovulation tests? i used a friends fertililty monitor when i got pregnant w/my son, but we can't afford one of our own, so i was just wondering about any experiences w/the first response ovulation tests. thanks!!! (i also am charting my cycle and doing basal body temp in the morning)

Aches & Pains

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Looking for Help with Back Pain.

I'm trying to figure out where to take my daughter for back help. I've been taking her to a chiropractor but she has to keep getting adjustments and the back isn't doing any better. I'm thinking of the Texas Back Institute, but I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions or experience. Thanks for your time.


Help Me !!!!!

Hi moms. I asked this question a while ago on mamasource but i didn't get...


Postpartum Joint Pain

Since having my son in January, I've had increasing joint pain in my knees ...


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Help with Weaning (Milk Allergy)

I have a 13 month old daughter who has a milk allergy. She is exclusively breastfed, and never took the bottle (no matter how many times we tried). She does take water out of a cup with a straw. I'd like to wean her. We're limited on formula's due to her milk allergy. We've tried soy formula, peptamen junior (had allergic reaction) and now elecare. She's okay with taking a sip here and there(either a sigg water bottle or a nuby bottle with handles) , but will not drink enough for me to wean her. I don't know what the problem is -...


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I Think I'm Pregnant?

I'm not sure, but I think I could be pregnant. I stopped taking my birth control. But I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I missed my period, I'm not sure if its because I quit taking it made me miss.. But I have been having bad lower back pains. My breasts have been tingling really bad also, ill kinda rub them then the tingling will stop. My lower belly has hurt some. I just need help into what's going on.. Any ideas? And I've also had the milky discharge. And I have passed gas more than normal and urinated alot..

Blocked Tear Ducts

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Blocked Tear Ducts - Want to Hear Other's Experinces with Opthomoligists

My 4.5 month old has had a blocked tear duct on her left eye since birth. We have used antibiotics for 4 times and we massage it too. It is weapy and often has a yellowish discharge that glues her eye closed after sleeping. The doctor says we can take her to an opthamologist and they will clear the duct by putting her in a papoose and useing a probe to clear the duct. (parents can not be in the room for this office procedure). But it our choice as to how long we let this go on without seeing the opthemologist. Do any of you have...


Get Rid of Cat?

My son has had pneumonia 3 times since August and has most recently been...


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Medical Care for a Coughing Toddler

I have a toddler (20 months old) that has been stuffed up for a few days. Now she has developed a cough because of the drainage. She doesn't seem to be infected because her nose is running clear (not green). I really don't think that she needs to see the doctor. Plus I would really like to minimize the number of antibiotics that she takes. Unfortunately, she has taken a lot of antibiotics since she has been born b/c of ear infections, sinus infections, etc. Does anyone have any natural remedies that seem to work just as well? I have been...


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Breast Hypoplasia Deformity in My 16 Yr Old

Our 16 year old went to the breast specialist and was diagnosed with hypoplasia. While her right breast is a small A cup, her left is a large C..The smaller one has not grown any in over two years. The specialist recommends an implant. What she did not discuss is the risk of breast cancer. My research is showing an increased risk? Why would she not discuss that with me? Does anyone no of this malformity and its associated risks? Has anyone had experience with this type surgery and is it just as simple as an implant?

Cold & Flu

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Flu Shots?? Do We Do Them on Our Children or Not?

I would love to hear opinions on flu shots and kids. I am vehemently opposed to doing it to myself due to such severe illnesses on the years I did get the shot. My husband says no because he doesn't trust them either. Our doctors want all our kids to have them. What do we do? I feel like I loose either way in this if they get a severe case of the flu. As for my kids, they are all healthy, active, and they do get the flu each year, just manageable cases of it. But these new flu strains are quite scary. Any input would be great!


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Constipation in My 14 Week Old

HI, my 14 week old little boy has had a real difficult time with his digestion. Initially, we were dealing with him spitting up constantly and now he is going 3-5 days without a bowel movement. I have to admit that I am starting to get frustrated because I am breastfeeding and I feel like no matter what I eat it is bad for him. First I was avoiding gassy foods to decrease the spit up and now I need to avoid constipating foods. I feel like there is nothing that I can eat. I cut back on a lot of vegetables and salads because that was causing...


Use of Miralax

Hi, My 2 1/2 year old has been having problems with bowel movements. We...


Son Is Constipated

Hi, I was just wondering what I should do if my 6 month old is constipated....


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Have You Ever Used a Child Nutritionist? How Did It Work for Your Child?

My almost 8-year-old daughter told me this morning that she feels bad because she thinks she's fat and she's feeling left out because none of her friends are. She IS significantly overweight, and this has been going on since she was 3-4 years old but hasn't been something that we have been able to successfully get under control. I've talked to her pediatrician and he gives me the run-of-the-mill food group education and portion control and exercise... the stuff I know like the back of my hand. She has had one blood test when she was 6...


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Chemo for Dogs

Hi moms I really need help on this one. My dog was just diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma which is a cnacer of the blood vessels. I was told it is very invasive and that I should go see an oncologist for him. We went on Friday and my heart was crushed over and over as I received more bad news. I am so shocked by this and having such a hard time b/c other than the lump I had removed he is fine. He is acting the same is eating the same is plying the same. I have the hardest decision to make. They are telling me that it has most...

Lyme Disease

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I Need Advice, About My Child Might Be Having a Problem with ADD

My daughter is in the fifth grade, but at a third grade level. She has a learning disability. About two years ago her teacher had her tested for ADD . She told me she had a small problem with it. Shes not hyperactive, shes not like she cant sit still, bouncing off the walls . She has problems focusing. Its like, its very hard for her to focus on what shes suppose to be doing....Home work ohh my gosh!! We will be at the table doing homework, one min shes there , and the next min shes lost. Its hard for me to explain. Shes so easily...


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I Am Always Getting Dizzy

For the past two months, I have been getting really dizzy and nauseous. No ladies, I am not pregnant! Why is that always everyones first response. I don't hurt anywhere else. Sometimes, it gets so bad, I feel like I am going to pass out. I have a dr's appt on Friday but I just was wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this. So far, I have associated blurred vision when I get an onset of this. It usually happens around 2 in the afternoon and by 5 in the afternoon, this is when I feel like, oh my God, I think I am going to pass...

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome / PCOS

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Question on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Hello, I have been reading a lot of info on PCOS and I really believe I have that. How can I find out for sure if I do? Do I go to a ob/gyn for a pap smear? I've been trying to get pregnant for about 2 yrs now, and I have really irregular menstrual cycles. Last time I went for more than 7 months without getting one. If anyone can please give me more info, I would really appreciate it!

Urinary Tract Infections

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OB Thinks I May Have Gallstones....

I am a working mom of a beautiful 2 year old and I am expecting my second in May. Two days ago at my doctors appointment I told him about some really bad back pain I've been experiencing. He says that it may be my gallbladder. My first response was how do we make the pain go away. That is hard to do when you are pregnant. I go Monday to see if it is gallstones or not. Has anyone ever experienced this when pregnant and if so is there any advice you can give


Is This a UTI

Could this one be a UTI? even though i don't have any burning, just...


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Latest GI Bug Going Around

Hi - my son (10 months old) has the latest GI Bug - first the diaper rash (Thursday) then the diarrhea (saturday) and now the vomiting. Any advice? How long does it last? I feel so bad for the little guy~


Cleaning up Vomit

dd vomited on the couch, its leather so not really a big deal till you add...