Identifying ABC & 123: Target

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Dvd/programs for Children

N.P. asks from Chicago

Can anyone provide suggestions on some DVDs/television programs that are more educational based? For example, learn ABC's, 123's, etc? Thx


Afraid That My Four Year Old Will Be a Target for Bullying!

J.V. asks from Nashville

I am 22 years old and trying to be a good mom but I need help! My son is four years old and will be starting preK in July. He is a bit of a slow learner ( when it com...


Abc's and 123'S

N.C. asks from Lakeland

i've been trying to teach my 3 almost 4 year old her ABC's and her 123's she can say them after i do but if i ask her to pick out a letter or number or tell me what ...


Where Should My Son Be?

S.R. asks from Detroit

My son just turned 4. He is an incredible little guy but very energetic and hard headed. I took him to his pediatrician and was told he is behind schedule. He doesn't...


Need Playing Suggestions

S.C. asks from Las Vegas

Hi moms, i have a two year old little boy who constantly wants to play with me. I have no problem giving him the attention he needs. Especially since i am a stay at h...



A.A. asks from Nashville

What is a good way to teach ABC'S?


Pearland Dentis/ABC 123 Pediatric Dentistry

M.D. asks from Houston

Hi Moms (and dads), I have been putting this off way too long and it is now almost the summer. We recently moved to Pearland and I need to find a local pediatric ...


How Do I Begin to Teach My 3 Year Old His Letters?

C.P. asks from Houston

Hello, I need help teaching my almost 3 year old his ABC's. He can say his ABC's, but as far as letter recognition goes, he has no interest. How do I begin? I trie...


Teaching the Alphabet

S.B. asks from Birmingham

I have a 3 year old son. He can sing the ABC song, well at least most of it. I was wanting to ask the other moms out there the best way to teach him how to recoginize...