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5-Year-old. Hyper or Normal?

J.O. asks from Detroit

My 5-year-old is having increasing trouble entertaining himself before he wants TV again. He is showing increased lack of impulse control, like say BOOP and bouncing ...


Need Advice on My 3 Year Olds Hyper Activity

B.R. asks from Dayton

my 3 year old gets so hyper in the late evenings..what should i do to prevent this? I don't give him any sweets to make him this way either..so please if anyone has a...


Hyper Three Year Old During Church...

C.B. asks from Kansas City

ok moms, just needing your thoughts in case i'm missing something. my son just turned three, and has a really hard time sitting still. when i was a kid (oldest of fou...


Radioactive Iodine Treatment for Hyperactive Thyroid

S.G. asks from Detroit

I was recently diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid. My levels are way off, as well as my thyroid is quite enlarged. This was discoverd by at my yearly OBGYN check ...


HYPER Is Not Even the Word

D.M. asks from Saginaw

I am a stay at home mom of a beautiful 16 month old boy. However, he is, and has always been extremely hyper. I have delt with ADD and ADHD children before as I was i...


Anyone with Thyroid? Hypo or Hyper?

M.S. asks from Las Vegas

Do any moms here have thyroid disease? i was diagnosed with hypo in 2008 and ive been taking Levothyroxine, 127mcg, i was just wondering if any of you have been feeli...


7 Month Old Is Loud, Demanding & Hyper!

N.S. asks from Dallas

Really, we've had one of the EASIEST babies...and she was also an easy pregnancy! She has always slept through the night, at least 10 hours! Over time, she has beco...


4 Year Old Boy That Is Hyper and Other Things

S.H. asks from Columbus

My son is 4-years-old and has always been hyper. This has never changed and I have pretty much learned to deal with this. However, over the past year it is getting ...


My 3 Year Old Son Is So Hyper

J.D. asks from Washington DC

My 3 year old never, ever stops moving. Ever. He will also talk my ear off. He will say something, for example "Momma is on the computer" If I say "Yes", again he wil...


3 Year Old Suddenly Hyper and Bratty - Normal??

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

Up until a couple of weeks ago, my 3 year old son was energetic but normal energetic. In these past few days, I feel like has been CRAZY. He literally is jumping on...