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Moms Who Has/had Hyper Kids: Did Your Child Ever Outgrow His Hyperness / ADD

A.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hi I have a beautiful 3 yo son who is so smart and generally a good boy all around. He is full of energy, super hyper and his attention span is not so good, he goes ...


Hyperactive or Just Full of Energy????

S.P. asks from Raleigh

I have a wonderful little boy who will be 4 in October. I'm wondering if maybe he has a hyperactive disorder or if this is just the normal energy of a 3 1/2 yr old. H...


Hyper Active Child

I.W. asks from Dallas

Good morning Mama's! I have a 4 year old son who's behavior has been getting worse. His teachers feel that he is ADHD. I have scheduled an appt with his Dr to see if ...


"Hyperactive" Baby

M.G. asks from Atlanta

Have any of your infants been what you would consider "hyper?" My 6 month old has always been rather active. He will not calm down to eat, to take a bath, etc. He ...


Hyperactive Boys

D.M. asks from Orlando

I have two boys, 4 and 7, and I'm getting increasing concerned about their hyperactivity. Up until now my husband and I have explained away their impulsive behavior ...


Hyper 4 Year Old

J.L. asks from Chicago

My 4 year old daughter is so hyper at times and I'm starting to loose my patience with her. I'm always telling her to calm down, stop running, ect... what makes it wo...


Hyper Pug and Suggetions How to Calm Her Down?

K.P. asks from Nashville

Hi, I have a 8 month old pug she is soo cute, but she is very hyper. She is like the energizer bunny she just goes and goes. I have a 5 year, 2 year old and one on th...


Hyper 5 Year Old

M.J. asks from Greensboro

my 5 year old over the past 6-8 months has become very hyper at home but is not having a problem at school to the point it has been sugested by a friend who herself h...


Hyper Sensitive Hearing/ Anxeity

S.W. asks from New York

my son freaks out when pple sneeze, cough, wash dishes, put on loud machines.. and when kids cry! He was evaluated by an ot and it wasnt sensory related! wondering if...


Bedtime Bath... Hyper or Calm? ;)

J.M. asks from Missoula

It seems like any time someone asks a sleep-related question, at least one mom recommends a calm, quiet bath before bed. Now, I have absolutely zero problem with this...