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Bath Time

E.A. asks from El Paso

I was wondering how you all bathe your infants. My lil girl hated the tubs and once i just got in the shower with her and it was so peace full and we bonded and she w...


Bath Time

J.J. asks from Minneapolis

Help my son is 2 years old and will not take a bath without a parent in the tub. We have tried the bath tub seat and small blow up tub. He will cry and not sit down i...


Bath Time??

J.G. asks from Salt Lake City

I've had my son on a really good bedtime routine and everything has been going great until recently. Our routine is usually a little play time, then a bath, get into...


Bath Time

S.O. asks from Lansing

My 14 month old daughter who used to love water all of a sudden hates the bath. She cries, screams, and stiffens her body when we put her in the tub. She cries as soo...


Bath Time

B.L. asks from Austin

My 14 month old granddaughter who loved her bath time, could hardly get her out, has become extremely afraid of her bath. My daughter in law was giving her her bath ...


Bath Time

H.H. asks from Indianapolis

my husband and i were trying to figure out at what age is the right age for your oldest son to be aloud to take a bath alone. I am very over pertective and thought i...


Afraid of the Bath

K.S. asks from Detroit

My daughter turned 3 2 weeks ago and has recently developed a fear of the bath. The only thing we can figure out is last Wednesday, her privates were sore (probably ...


What Age Did Your Child Start Washing Themselves on Their Own? Bath or Shower?

M.B. asks from Washington DC

A question I just saw sparked this question. It included a 7 year old girl taking a bath... with an adult to wash them. It just striked me as different because we d...


Bath Time....

B.B. asks from Jacksonville

My daughter must be the only chid in the world that hates taking a bath. Ever since she started potty training she will say she has to go potty first and will sit on ...


Bath Time

M.O. asks from Peoria

Another silly question!!! How old were your child(ren) when you let the be in the bath tub alone... but in ear shot to hear them playing? My son is 3 and he wants to ...