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Potty Training

S.H. asks from Wichita

My daughter is 17 months old now and I am wanting to start getting her interested in potty training. She is a quick learner so I dont think we will have too many prob...


Potty Training?

H.D. asks from Dallas

Hi, moms! This is kind of long but I am very anxious about this. This is for those of you with little ones you've recently potty trained. My son is 22 mo. and my pedi...


Potty Training a Boy?

K.M. asks from Richmond

I am having trouble potty training my 2 1/2 year old son. I have a sticker chart that is a sky that he puts air planes on when he sits or goes on/in the potty. I also...


Need Help Potty Training!!

M.V. asks from Boca Raton

I desperately need help potty training my son. He just turned 3 this month and wants absolutely nothing to do with the potty. When I ask him if he has to go potty h...


Potty Training Question

V.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 28 months. A week and a half ago I started to put her in panties only except for sleep times. While we started out well, I would tell her is was time t...


Seeking Advice on Potty Training a Boy.

A.H. asks from Fort Smith

I am trying to potty train my tow year old son. So far I am not having any luck with it. He seems to understand what to do but has no intrset in doing it. I know that...


Child Who Will Not Potty Train

J.P. asks from Boise

I need help! My 2 1/2 year old will not potty train. He knows when he needs to go, and he knows what to do, but he will not do it. He told me he wants to be a baby fo...


Still Not Potty Trained

S.T. asks from Norfolk

I have a son who just turned 3 yesterday. I have tried everything to potty train him I let him watch the potty stories, I set a timer so he can go to the potty regula...


Tips for Teaching Toddler How to Actually 'Go' on the Potty?!

A.M. asks from Eugene

I know potty training is one of the most popular topics (for obvious reasons) but it does seem that there are so many different issues! Well, here's the first of I a...


Frustrated Mom Seeking Advice on How to Potty Train Her Kid

S.N. asks from Sioux Falls

I have a 3 1/2 year old son that is having problems with potty training. He does ok with the peeing but he still continues to poop in his pants. He had been doing r...