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My 20 Month Old Keeps Taking His Diaper Off!

He's 20 months old and started showing interest in his diaper & privates. But now, he always wants to take it off. I started having to use the wide clear tape and tape it all the way around. Sometimes he even gets that off. It usually happens when he goes to bed and then we find him naked in the morning, laying in his own pee! For a while, I would just tell him to leave it alone. But I got desperate & starting taping. Is this just a phase? And any suggestions on how to deal with it?

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Toddler Chore Chart

Does anyone know where I can purchase a pre-made chore chart for a toddler? I just got laid off so instead of going to grandma’s everyday my 3 almost 4 year old and 11 mo old will be staying home with me for the time being. I have had a rough transition with baby #2. The house is always a disaster and my husband works 2 jobs and isn’t home much. I get hardly if any help with household duties in addition to caring for the kids and working 40 hours a week. Having a messy chaotic house for the last 11 months has been very stressful .My...