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Sleeping Without a Swaddle?

My son loves to be swaddled, but at 4 months old, he is growing too large for his swaddleme and swaddling with a regular blanket is too loose for his liking. We have been trying to get him to sleep without it (without any luck) because we know there will be a day when we wont be able to keep the swaddle closed. Even if he falls asleep in his swing or in my arms, my son will wake up as soon as he is put into his crib, unless the swaddleme is on. We would like to start using sleep sacks but cannot figure out how to get our son to sleep. ...

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Newborn at Home Now

Just got back from hospital with my second child! Last night was pretty rough-- I don't know if I blocked out the first few weeks sleeping with my first, but I felt like I was up every hour just offering my breasts -- which were being used for meal and partly for pacifying I think! Didn't like being in bassinet as he has LOTS of gas and would squiggle and fuss each time we layed him in... Just SO happy that my 2 year old didn't wake up during the night when he would fuss and cry! Did you all have these problems with your second children...


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If You Had to Do It All over Again, What Would You NOT Buy?

Hi mamas! I have two munchkins that broke the bank - I bought everything "they" said I needed and then some. With the economy the way that it is, is there anything that you bought that you did not need? Or that you thought was a waste of money? My best friend is having her first baby and I am, unfortunately, not the best one to answer this question! On the flip side, was there anything you could not live without? I have my own opinions, but I would love to get as many other opinions as possible, and I know you all wont be shy! Thanks...


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4 Month Old Will Only Sleep in Swing

For the last month, my 4 month old only wants to sleep in her swing. I am trying to get her into her crib. Do you have any suggestions?


Baby Registry Help

We are expecting our first child. I am starting to register and I was...