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Jenny Craig Success?

Hi, just wondering if people have had success with the Jenny Craig program? I'm looking for a program that provides the food. If there is a better program out there, let me know. I'm open to other suggestions. Something convenient (where they send you the food) is a plus. Thanks!

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Jenny Craig or Seattle Suttons

Hi, I am planning on losing weight through a dieting program after the baby is born and would like to know your experience with either Jenny Craig or Seattle Suttons. Or, if there is another program that you would recommend? I have used Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem in the past but did not like either. Thanks for your advice!


Guinea Pig as a Pet

I have an opportunity to get a guinea pig for my kids, but have a few...

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Need to Lose Weight After 3Rd Baby at Age 38

I was just wondering if anyone new of a good excercise program or weightloss program. I have been so depressed. I have gained about 50 lbs and I cant seem to lose it. I have no get up to go. My daughter is now 10months and she still wakes up at night I am so tired. My husband travels but when he is here he helps out. I went to my so called best friends sons birthday party. (She has lost weight and looks great). I have been friends with her for 22 yrs. She was talking to another girl and didnt know I could hear her and she told the girl I...