Housebreaking Dogs

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Kid Friendly Dog

L.K. asks from Austin

I am thinking of getting my daughter a dog for Christmas. We already have a border collie/australian shepherd mix that sheds like crazy. I had a schaunzer up until la...


Help with Housebreaking a 4-1/2 Month Old Puppy.

J.A. asks from Chicago

Hello parents, We have adopted a sweet 4-1/2 month old female lab-mix from a local shelter. We have had her for 2 weeks and she has picked up all the basic commands...


Dog Breeds... UPDATED

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

We are in the very early phases of considering getting a dog. I have a 5 1/2 year old son, and one on the way. Is there a specific dog breed that you have experienc...


Good Kids Dog

S.R. asks from Kansas City

Good morning mama's and papa's! I am looking for a good kids dog for our family. I want a medium sized dog that is very tolerant with children. In your opinion wha...


Can a Person Who Never Had a Pet Become a Dog/cat Person???

C.G. asks from Dallas

My daughter wants a puppy/kitty and I'm finding myself liking the idea very much, I'm leaning towards a puppy; however I have never had a dog or any other pet and I'm...


What Kind of Dog Should We Get?

A.B. asks from Seattle

Hi there... We have two daughters that are 5 and 3. Both are great with animals: patient, gentle, don't pull tails, etc. However, we have a 14 year old active male...


My Husband Wants a Dog! (I Don't)

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

OK so DH wants a dog, a big to medium one, nonetheless, and I don't. He wants a companion to walk and help him exercise (force him to). He wants a pet for the kids to...


Lost Pet, When to Handle the Issue of Getting a New Puppy

E.C. asks from Detroit

We just lost our dog, a wonderful springer spainiel that was only 6 years old. Naturally we were not expecting it. it was a fast and tramatic death. I always said ...


Thinking of Adopting a Dog, Suggestions

L.C. asks from Washington DC

I am thinking about adopting a dog, gotta talk to hubby some more but the kids are asking and really "promise" to help out our new family member. -I am looking for...


Advice About a Dog for the Family

N.K. asks from Austin

We just recently had to give away our 5 year old boston terrier because of her aggressive behavior toward people, animals and our 16 month old daughter. We are consid...