Housebreaking Dogs

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Husband vs Dog

A.K. asks from Dallas

We just got the cutest little English white lab puppy for my son and daughter. It's their first pet. My son ADORES the puppy and vice versa. My plan WAS to crate trai...


Alpha Female and Housebreaking and More

T.L. asks from Dallas

I have a 4 year old dog that is outside only, a 10 year old beagle and recently came upon a stray boxer mix. I got the beagle from craigslist and was already house tr...


Housebreaking (Better Explained)

T.C. asks from Hickory

So my dog is 12 weeks old, he is a siberian husky. I am doing the same things with him that i did with my other dog (she litterally was trained in 2 days). Which is ...


Seeking Advice on Purchasing a Dog.

K.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I read somewhere that you should not get a pet during pregnancy but now I cannot find the article. We want to get our daughter a dog for christmas but I cannot remem...


My Dog

J.O. asks from Chicago

i have a 11 month old male pitbull he pees all the time inside the house i really love him but this cant continue


Outside Dog Is Slowly Becoming and Inside Dog

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

Due to my husband's soft heart for all things living, our enormous 70 lb outside dog is slowly becoming our enormous 70 lb inside dog. He's actually really good in th...


Looking for Dog Walker

L.A. asks from Kansas City

We just adopted a dog on Wednesday. The first day we left her alone, she ate my new bedspread! We crated her the second day, and I came home on my lunch hour to let...


Question Regarding a New Dog

E.B. asks from Honolulu

My dd's psychiatrist has recommended that she get an Emotional Support Animal, and is willing to write all the official letters and fill out the required forms. Dd f...


What to Do with Our Dog - Since It Bit Our Son?

S.A. asks from Chicago

Yesterday, my 19 year-old niece was watching our 4 youngest children and our dog. She takes care of all of them 3 days a week. She feeds the dog, gives him water, a...


Getting a Second Dog

P.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I have a mini doxie who is a 4 year old female. I am thinking about getting a second dog for my son who is 12. I am just wondering what your experiences h...