Housebreaking Dogs: Steroids

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Rehoming Our Dog

V.M. asks from Boston

Moms - I need some advice. We took in a lovely little dog a few months ago from a friend who was very, very sick. I've always wanted a dog and it seemed like a good...


Where Do You Keep Your Dog?

L.G. asks from Atlanta

I just recently moved into a new house. I have a small dog (a shih poo). He is pretty much kinda potty trained. If I take him out he will use it BUT if not, he will u...


Maltipoo - Should We Get One? Have You Had One?

N.P. asks from Minneapolis

We have 4 children, our daughter has wanted a dog for years, when our twins were born we said when they were 5 we could get a dog. WOW - how quickly time goes by.......


Cat Vomit Stain Removal

L.C. asks from Chicago

Hi. I have two cats who tend to eat too fast and vomit on my light gray carpet. I've tried all sorts of different commercial stain removers, but nothing works well,...