Housebreaking Dogs: Myself

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Seeking Suggestions on Housebreaking Beagle Puppy

C.M. asks from Chicago

I just got a baby girl beagle;she is a little over two months old. This is my first dog and I really don't know how to housebreak the dog. I live in an apartment on t...



T.C. asks from Hickory

how long did it take to housetrain your male dog? my dog is 12 weeks old and i have been working on housebreaking him for 2 and a half weeks. I know that it takes tim...


Housebreaking a New Puppy

M.C. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms, I'm looking for advice on how to successfully housebreak a new puppy. My dog is a small chipin, so I'd like to teach him to go outside during the warmer ...


Hosuebreakin a Dog

L.M. asks from Atlanta

we recently bought a dog from the pound she is about 2months old. i am tryin to get some advice on how to housebreak her. anyone have any suggestions or tips.


Housebreaking Tips for a 3 Year Old Dog

N.O. asks from Detroit

ok so hears the story. We have adopted a 3 year old german shepard. I dont think she was abused, but I believe she was very much neglected. She was in a kennel pre...


What Pet Should We Get?

J.G. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are discussing getting a family pet. He wants an indoor cat or a small dog. I would prefer a sometimes indoor mostly outdoor dog because my son loves...


Housebreaking, Behavior

T.W. asks from Chicago

I need help! We bought a schnauzer/poodle mix about 5 weeks ago (he is now a little over 3 months old) and despite every effort we can think of, he simply will not ge...


Rehoming Our Dog

V.M. asks from Boston

Moms - I need some advice. We took in a lovely little dog a few months ago from a friend who was very, very sick. I've always wanted a dog and it seemed like a good...


New Pet Recommendation?

L.A. asks from St. Louis

I am looking for advice on the best kind of dog to get for our family that will work well with an active 2 year old. My last pet of 11 1/2 years passed away in March...


Does Your Dog Pout?

C.O. asks from Washington DC

My dog, Grady, pouts. yes, pouts....his bottom "lip" comes out and he sits on "his spot" on the couch giving us "the look" with his bottom lip sticking out. it is TOT...