Housebreaking Dogs: Infant

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Thinking of Adopting a Dog, Suggestions

L.C. asks from Washington DC

I am thinking about adopting a dog, gotta talk to hubby some more but the kids are asking and really "promise" to help out our new family member. -I am looking for...


Advice About a Dog for the Family

N.K. asks from Austin

We just recently had to give away our 5 year old boston terrier because of her aggressive behavior toward people, animals and our 16 month old daughter. We are consid...


How Often Does Your Dog Get a Bath ??

D.C. asks from Dallas

We have a Redbone Coonhound and he's starting to smell a bit... How often can I give him a bath ??? And can you give me more advice on caring for him...he's my ...


Thinking of Getting a Pet for My 5 Year-old Son.............

S.S. asks from Oklahoma City

I'm trying to decide on what pet, if any, to get for my 5 year-old son. He wants a pet really badly. I don't think that I'm ready for the committment and work that co...


How to Choose the Right Dog?

M.P. asks from Green Bay

Due to sudden illness, we had our dog euthanized in October. She was not even 3...illness was some type of "ideopathic neuropathy" that was causing megaesophagus and...


We Really Want a Dog

E.M. asks from Portland

I'm not sure that we want a puppy or a dog yet, but we do want one. Which would be the best way to go about looking for a dog/puppy and knowing that it'll get along w...


What Kind of Dog Should We Get ?

P.S. asks from Boston

We've been thinking of getting a dog, but we're not sure what breed to get. We have a three year old son, and two cats. Our three year old has been asking for a dog...


My Dog Is Going to the Bathroom in the Basement.

N.K. asks from Chicago

My dog has been continuesly using the basement as her bathrroom. She did not start this until she got really sick one day around December, and there were multiple ar...


Mitzi: the Devious Diva Dog

J.M. asks from Salt Lake City

I have two sons (seven and five years old) and a Miniature Schnauzer (16 month’s old.) Our dog Mitzi has struggled with negative behaviors since she first came to l...


Does It Get Better with a New Dog?

K.S. asks from Denver

I feel so guilty writing this. We rescued a puppy mill dog last fall. She has been in a foster home awaiting adoption. She is almost 9 and has the sweetest dispositio...