Housebreaking Dogs: Child

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Seeking Suggestions on Housebreaking Beagle Puppy

C.M. asks from Chicago

I just got a baby girl beagle;she is a little over two months old. This is my first dog and I really don't know how to housebreak the dog. I live in an apartment on t...


Thinking of Getting a Pet for My 5 Year-old Son.............

S.S. asks from Oklahoma City

I'm trying to decide on what pet, if any, to get for my 5 year-old son. He wants a pet really badly. I don't think that I'm ready for the committment and work that co...


Housebreaking a New Puppy

M.C. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms, I'm looking for advice on how to successfully housebreak a new puppy. My dog is a small chipin, so I'd like to teach him to go outside during the warmer ...


6 Year Old Wants a Dog

J.C. asks from Columbia

Recently my 6 year old has been asking for a dog. She really loves playing with the neighbor's dogs. I just can't handle any more stuff to do right now. How do I did ...


Housebreaking Tips for a 3 Year Old Dog

N.O. asks from Detroit

ok so hears the story. We have adopted a 3 year old german shepard. I dont think she was abused, but I believe she was very much neglected. She was in a kennel pre...


What Pet Should We Get?

J.G. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are discussing getting a family pet. He wants an indoor cat or a small dog. I would prefer a sometimes indoor mostly outdoor dog because my son loves...


Rehoming Our Dog

V.M. asks from Boston

Moms - I need some advice. We took in a lovely little dog a few months ago from a friend who was very, very sick. I've always wanted a dog and it seemed like a good...


New Pet Recommendation?

L.A. asks from St. Louis

I am looking for advice on the best kind of dog to get for our family that will work well with an active 2 year old. My last pet of 11 1/2 years passed away in March...


Where Do You Keep Your Dog?

L.G. asks from Atlanta

I just recently moved into a new house. I have a small dog (a shih poo). He is pretty much kinda potty trained. If I take him out he will use it BUT if not, he will u...


Dog Help!

N.C. asks from Dallas

My kids have been asking for a dog for the last year or so...I have been researching breeds but I wanted to get opinions as to what everyone would recommend. Here are...