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Piggyback on Shoes in the House Question

S.G. asks from Grand Forks

I was kind of surprised to see how many people wear outdoor shoes in the house. Where I am from nobody wears outdoor shoes in the house. We wear slippers or socks. ...


Sell House Rent Place

S.H. asks from Kansas City

Did anyone ever just sell their house and rent a place even though you had the money to still keep your house? I feel owning a home is so expensive and one thing afte...


Keeping House Clean

M.B. asks from Eugene

Hi Everyone! I get such great help from this site, I thought I ask yet another question. About 7 months ago, I left my job to stay home with my 2 girls. It is some...


Selling a House? Have You Had Any Traffic/showings?

S.H. asks from Dallas

Just a question for anyone out there selling a house right now or recently sold? Our agent is telling us our situation is it really? Is it the same for...


Just Curious: Selling a House

L.S. asks from Lewiston

I'm looking for opinions about the ideal time to put a house on the market. Would right now be a bad time because it's winter? We are really itching to move, but we...


Should I Renovate My House Before Selling It?

M.F. asks from San Antonio

I'm preparing to sell my house and I'm torn between renovating it before selling it or just leaving it as is. My real estate agent is telling me to update it to g...


Cleaning and Keeping House Clean

D.M. asks from Boston

I just want to give up on my house ever being clean. I clean it and my family messes it up again. Everything is always on the floor and I am tripping over baby equipm...


" Want to Sell My House....HELP"

H.O. asks from Austin

We are going to sell our house. But, we don't want to pay a realtor a huge amount of our earnings. Has anyone ever sold their house on their own? Is it difficult? Ple...


Question Re Gingerbread House

N.Z. asks from Los Angeles

The last time I made a gingerbread house was when I was in high school. It was the last time because it attracted a swarm of ants -- gross! I have a three year ol...


Selling My House...., I Think

D.W. asks from Dallas

OK moms, especially those of you in real estate- I am at a total loss. I called the sister of an acquaintance to come and look at my house as we are wanting to sell ...