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Gerber Baby Food Plastic Containers

M.T. asks from Portland

With all the news coverage about concerns over plastics I've started checking the recycling codes on all the stuff our son uses. I noticed over the weekend that Gerb...


Breakfast for 17 Month Old

L.W. asks from Bloomington

Hello. I have a 17 month old daughter and I am wondering what to feed her for breakfast. Since she was a year, we have given her cheerios and then a Gerber 2nd Food...


Saving for Your Toddler's College Fund! 529, Gerber Life, Etc???

J.A. asks from St. Louis

Any suggestions on what you and your family are doing? While my parent's paid for about 60% of my college career, they hardly saved at all and left both myself an...


Advice on Training Pants: Gerber, Kushies, Bummi, or Imse Vimse?

A.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Everybody! I have a question about training pants. My 22 month old daughter just started using the potty last week. She will tell me "Pants, Mommy" and try to...


Meals for a 17 Month Old

A.M. asks from Peoria

Moms I need some new ideas on what to feed my 17 month old son. He eats a lot earlier than my husband and I do so he usally doesnt eat what we are eating. I have go...


Help! My 16 Month Old Son Won't Eat Vegetables.

L.L. asks from San Diego

My son is 16 months old and refuses to eat any kind of vegetable. He used to eat everything and now is very picky with what he puts in his mouth. I'm afraid he's not ...


13 Month Old Doesn't Eat Solids Well

A.Z. asks from Houston

Hi all, I have a 13 month old who has never eaten solid foods well. We tried at the 6 month mark to give her cereal and pureed foods (I have never liked buying baby...


Potty Training a 19 Month Old!

L.D. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms! I think my 19 month old son is ready to start potty training. He is saying Poo-Poo and pointing to his diaper and then the bathroom .... so we try to take ...


13 Month Old Won't Eat Solid Foods

M.L. asks from Dallas

My 13 month old eats solid foods (baby foods), but won't eat any type of solid foods. He hates the texture of it. I am stumped as to what to do. It would be nice t...


Meal & Snack Ideas for My 14 Month Old Daughter?

A.F. asks from St. Louis

She has plenty of teeth, so she can chew. she usually eats what my husband and I eat, like spaghtetti, or chicken, etc. But i honestly have a bad eating habit. I like...