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Disney Events

S.T. asks from Chicago

We just booked a trip to Disney for the beginning of next June. We are staying at Animal Kingdom and are really excited for our first trip as a family to Disney. I ...


A Little Present for a 4-5 Year Old Girl?

N.K. asks from Madison

We will be visiting a dear friend we have not seen in a while over Thanksgiving dinner. I want to buy a little present for her 4.5 year old daughter. I do not have an...


Worst. Mom. Ever.

D.S. asks from Kansas City

I'm beating myself up over something and I'm tired, so it's your turn. I went to the store with my son today to buy invitations for his 5th birthday party. I aske...


How to Get Yellow Mustard Stains Out

M.M. asks from Milwaukee

Does anyone know if there's any way to get yellow mustard stains out of clothing? There is a spot on my daughter's sleeve. The shirt is white with a princess design...


Looking for the P.C. Thing to Do........

G.P. asks from San Francisco

So my mother-in-law insists on buying our daughter "shtuff" that she does not need. My husband and I have told and explained to her several times that we are not the...


What Are Some Toys You Have Given That Your Kids Play with Time and Time Again?

L.F. asks from Charlotte

I have an almost 3 yr old daughter and for her it is the Little People All around town playset. She could play with it for hours if I let her. It was definitely wor...


Big Deal Being Made About Tatoo Barbie!

C.C. asks from Houston

I just don't know why everyone is making a big fuss over the neck tatooed Barbie...she has a skull tshirt and leopard tight jeans. So what...have you seen the way so...


Doll Houses/Calico Critters

C.S. asks from Chicago

Hi - I would like to start a doll house collection for my daughter who will be 3 in January. My goal is to have a nice set to give her for Xmas but I want to start bu...


What Does/did Your 10 Year Olds Bedroom Look Like?

C.S. asks from St. Louis

My daughter is 10 and through the years has gone through many different phases. With that her bedroom is big mix of different phases of life. She still has her har...


When Should I Buy My Nursing Bras?

M.C. asks from Dallas

I'm 35 weeks pregnant... only 5 weeks (or less) to go! When should I buy my nursing bras? Should I buy them now and just plan on everything getting a little bit big...