Hospital: The First Years

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Local Hospital Experiences

K.W. asks from Tampa

We are currently nearly 10 weeks with our second child and we can't decide what hospital/dr. to go to. We were military when our son was born so we didn't have a cho...


Need Help Choosing a Breast Pump!

J.R. asks from Philadelphia

I am expecting my first child and need help choosing a breast pump for my registry. I plan to breastfeed and am not sure if and when I will be returning to work. I ...


How Do I Find a Pediatrician?

P.P. asks from Chicago

I know this probably sounds very silly, but I'm pregnant with my first child and in the pre-admission paperwork for my hospital delivery, I need to designate a pediat...


Natural Childbirth at Las Colinas Medical?

E.K. asks from Dallas

Has anyone had a natural delivery (no pain meds, no elective interventions)at Las Colinas Medical Center? Were you happy with your experience, in particular with the ...


What Is the Best Breast Pump?

Y.C. asks from Dallas

i need your help mommies! i have a 15 month old and we just found out i'm expecting again. my son has alot of gastrointestinal problems so i decided to breastfeed the...


C-section Versus VBAC

B.G. asks from Lima

Hello all! I was wondering about your experiences with VBAC. I had a c-section with my first in May of 2007 due to complications after labor for 10 hours and pushing ...


Wanting Second Baby

M.H. asks from Mansfield

Well lets see...I have a 14 month old son! He is the light of my life. I am wanting to plan my second child as i do not want my kids to be to far apart in age. I had ...


Seeking Information on Breast Feeding

S.C. asks from Chicago

I am due in Nov with my first child. I plan on breastfeeding, however I know I have to go back to work unfortunatly so I plan on pumping and also bottle feeding (Lett...


Altering Vaccine Schedule.

A.G. asks from New York

Hi! I'm about to be a first-time mom and my husband and I keep going back and forth on whether to vaccinate or not; if we do, should we alter the vaccine schedule ...


How Do You Do It?

S.F. asks from Utica

I want to start by saying that I am asking this question because my heart honestly goes out to those that have to deal with this situation. I live in Canada where he...