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What to Pack in "The Bag"

S.T. asks from Kansas City

Hey there all you wonderful mama's!! I am 38 weeks with our first baby. I am just wondering, aside from the obvious things, what all should I pack in my hospital bag?...


The Cruel Jokes of Life - JFF

V.K. asks from Minneapolis

So since I am on bed rest and am extremely bored, I thought I would start a JFF post about the cruel jokes that life sometimes plays on us. For example: I haven't...


The Bag You Bring to the Hospital When You Go into Labor, What Should Be Added?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

My only daughter is having her first baby in a few weeks and for her baby shower I would like to give her the bag she will be taking with her to the hospital when she...


Just Found Out I Am Pregnant with TWINS!

E.M. asks from Norfolk

Hi all - I am just 6 wks along with TWINS (confirmed by Ultrasound yesterday). I have a 1.5 year old son, too. As happy as I am, I guess I am feeling overwhelmed ab...


Postpartum Necessities

H.A. asks from Denver

Hello again Mama's I was wondering, as we approach or 37th week of pregnancy, what items were absolute must-haves for the first few weeks after baby?


Bringing Home Baby Outfit

S.J. asks from St. Louis

What type of outfit did you use to bring your baby home from the hospital? Size, style, etc? Should I bring a preemie and a newborn outfit just in case? It will be...


Is It Too Soon to Get Ready for Baby?

N.F. asks from Seattle

Okay, so, a discussion my husband and I are frequently having is it's too soon to get things ready for the arrival of our son (our first baby) due May 14th. He thinks...


"Must Haves" for Labor and Delivery

J.L. asks from Norfolk

I am trying to figure out what I absolutely need to pack to take with me to the hospital and wonder what one thing did you take with you that you just would not have ...


Big Sister Gift Ideas???

R.T. asks from Houston

After 6 long years, our family is finally expecting our newest addition. A little boy will grace us in July 2008. My 6 year old daughter is sooooo excited. We are ...


About Delivery...

L.S. asks from Orlando

Hi everyone, I am 33 weeks and getting ready for labor. Since this is my first pregnancy I have so many questions :). Do you recommend childbirth classes? what d...