Horses: The First Years

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Ideas for First Birthday Party-Girl

C.B. asks from Little Rock

Anyone have any great ideas for a 1st Birthday-My daughter is 11 months. Thanks


1St Birthday

J.A. asks from Los Angeles

My daughters 1st birthday is coming up in a few weeks. I want it to be very special but not pricey. Any suggestions on how to make this party great?


Single Mom Trying to Hold 18Yr Old Accountable, Father Does Not

D.C. asks from Boston

My son is 18, just graduated high school after an extra year of study (was expelled for drugs, had to take alternative classes). He is enrolled in trade school for th...


Do I Allow the Bio Father Access to My Daughter?

S.M. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 11 years old. I was 18 and stupid when I got pregnant. Her biological father was abusive to me, into drugs, etc. We lived together. I left him when she...


This Is Not Your Average Request

K.D. asks from Raleigh

Ok, so this is not Mom related, but I need help and Mamasource Mom's have always come to the rescue in the past. I have a friend who's turning 30 this Sat. We (anot...


Girl Scouts

J.J. asks from St. Louis

I am trying to decided whether or not to put my daughter in girl scouts. She's alredy in dance and soccer. Her soccer ends in a month. I also wonder if it wil be too ...


First Home - List of Bills

V.W. asks from Minneapolis

I'm trying to put together a list of all of the monthly bills my boyfriend and I will have once we move into our house, but I would like to know if I am missing anyth...


99% Of Women Use Birth Control

M.B. asks from Washington DC

Is that true? I read in a recent letter that 99% of women use it. Here's the quote, it was from the white house: "Nearly 99 percent of all women have relied on ...


How Did You Meet?

J.M. asks from Scranton

Ok for fun anyone have any interesting stories of how they met their better half? When I met Andy I was 1.5 years out of a bad marriage going to college to make a go...


2 Young Boys and Weapons!

J.H. asks from Providence

Hello, All of you Mom's of young boys...I need your advice. I have a 2yr old and a 3 yr old who are constantly wrestling, making all toys and their fingers into guns...