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Birthday Present for Daughter Turning 6 Who Is All Things Horses

H.K. asks from Gainesville

We dont have a wad of cash to spend this year, or i would buy her a real miniature horse , but she just LOVES horses, are there any particular toys or toy sets out th...


"Potty Training" My 3 Year Old Son!

A.C. asks from Phoenix

I'm looking for advice/ideas on how to Potty Train my 3 year old son. How do I know he's ready? At times I think I am influenced by other family and friends that comm...


Creative Ways for a 4 Year Old "Horse" Theme Party

J.K. asks from Los Angeles

Hi to everyone. My DD's birthday party is coming up and she's really into horses. For some reason I've saved some large boxes and the packing material (mostly paper ...


Need Ideas for 4 Year Old Birthday

A.S. asks from Dallas

Just like last year I am bagged down with work and other sundry life events and have waited until just about the last minute to plan my daughter's birthday party. I ...


Birthday Cake Ideas for 3-Year Old Party

S.C. asks from Orlando

Hi Moms: I am having a party in the park for my 3-year old in a couple of weeks. The theme will be horses and I am trying to be a frugal as possible. Wondering i...


Birthday Party Suggestions for a 3 Year Old

K.K. asks from Seattle

I have been looking for a while for a location to have my daughter's 3rd birthday party in January. Preferably on the Eastside but Seattle side works too. We are look...


Birthday Party for a 3 y.o. Girl

T.L. asks from St. Louis

I am throwing my niece a surprise birthday party. My idea is to see if the local salon would do mani/Pedi's for her and her best friends (4-6 girls). All the girls ...


What to Buy 3 Year Old Granddaughter for Birthday

R.R. asks from Dallas

Tomorrow is my granddaughter's 3rd birthday! She is my son's daughter from a brief fling, and the mom doesn't allow my son to see her unless he brings $$ with him f...


Aggressive Behavior from 4 Year Old Boy

A.T. asks from Medford

Hi. So, my son is my only child and he has always been VERY active and fiery. Sometimes this means alot of pushing, hitting, pinching and even talking meanly to othe...


Seeking Ideas for a Horse Birthday Party

L. asks from Detroit

My soon to be 4 year old's birthday party has a horse theme any gift ideas or games we could play during the party? Ages range from 1 yr-8 yr. Thanks for any replies.