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Having Friends over - Would You Want to Be Asked first...horses, Pond

M.S. asks from Columbus

My kids are ages 11,9 and 8. (also have a 1 year old, but she doesn't ride horses, yet :) Whenever the kids have friends over, I always ask the parent if it's ok bef...


Birthday Present for Daughter Turning 6 Who Is All Things Horses

H.K. asks from Gainesville

We dont have a wad of cash to spend this year, or i would buy her a real miniature horse , but she just LOVES horses, are there any particular toys or toy sets out th...


Need 1St Birthday Theme Suggestions

L.M. asks from Dallas

My daughter's 1st Bday is still a few months away, but I'm a planner and would like to start thinking about her party. My first thought was to do a "Cowgirl" theme, ...


Creative Ways for a 4 Year Old "Horse" Theme Party

J.K. asks from Los Angeles

Hi to everyone. My DD's birthday party is coming up and she's really into horses. For some reason I've saved some large boxes and the packing material (mostly paper ...


Kids Party

T.S. asks from Boston

i am planning a birthday party for my daughter.she will be 3. i was looking for entertainment for her and her friends. thinking of a clown. please help.


3 Siblings Birthday Party

C.T. asks from Chicago

We have 3 grandchildren that are all about to have birthdays.They are siblings with birthdates that fall within 20 days of each other, Not only that but you have the ...


1St Birthday Party for Daughter

S.T. asks from Houston

Does anyone have any really cute or unique ideas for a girl's 1st birthday party?


Horse Themed Birthday Party Ideas

C.A. asks from New London

Hey mamas! My daughter just turned 3 and I want to do a horse themed birthday party for her in a few weeks. She is obsessed with horses! I was just wondering if anyon...


JFF: What's Your Job?

M.B. asks from Washington DC

Are you a SAHM, or not? What does your husband/spouse do? Do you have any hobbies/side jobs (that you may get a little money for)? I'm a SAHM of four. I do pain...


Princess Party Ideas

K.H. asks from Seattle

Hi everyone, We are throwing my daughter a princess themed party for her 4th birthday. Sounds like a lot of fun, but I have two planning challenges: 1) I am not p...