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Home Remedies for "Morning Sickness"

B.S. asks from Reno

I'm pregnant with my second child and only seven weeks along, but have been sick for the last two weeks. I was so sick with my first I couldn't keep water down! I w...


Natural Remedies for Children

S.R. asks from Altoona

just wondering if anyone has ever used a natural remedy called focus attention and bright start my child has ADD and being a nurse i do not want to put my son on a do...


Natural Remedies for ADHD

R.G. asks from Detroit

Sadly, after much research and advice, I am positive that my 3-year-old suffers from ADHD. I do not want him on medication as I am more of a natural person. Does an...


Need a Remedy for Toenail Fungus

C.T. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have a home remedy or the name of a prescription medicine for a toenail fungus that has been successful? My toenail has come off twice and now is lookin...


Natural Remedies to Help Postpartum?

S.T. asks from Denver

As a follow up to an earlier question - does anyone have any recommendations for NATURAL remedies for PPD symptoms? I've had a past of anxiety/OCD and have been on dr...


Need Natural Asthma Remedies for 4 Yr Old

B.S. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone have any suggestions to help my 4 yr old with allergies and asthma? I am trying to find natural remedies...but if there is "magic" allergy med your kid h...


Home Remedies

W.C. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I have a son who is 5 years old. He has a persistant cough. He coughs more at night than in the day. I took him to the doctor about two weeks ago and he g...


Natural Remedies

K.C. asks from Los Angeles

I am looking for natural supplements to give my child before resulting to medication for ADD. We are taking him to the Doctor on Friday, but prior to this, I purchase...


Natural Medicine.

R.C. asks from New York

hi i am a mother for 5 years old boy,he have a asthma,and i dont know what to do anymore,any help please,any natural medicine,thankyou...