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Natural Remedies...

L.N. asks from Benton Harbor

Hi Moms~ I was answering a post from another mom and in turn, came up with a question of my own. I, too, have the runny nose kids all winter long. We've done the a...


Natural Remedies

C.S. asks from Odessa

I was wondering if any of you out there have had any success with any natural product you used. I'm so sick of over medicating and I don't even know which direction t...


Any "Natural" Remedies for Asthma Out There?

M.H. asks from Norfolk

Hello, I have a 17 month old who is on a nebulizer 2-3 times a day (more when he sounds bad) he is also on an allergy medicine that he takes at night. I'm concerned ...


At Home Remedies....

L.U. asks from Seattle

My daughter had a HORRIBLE diaper rash last week and bad diareah. It didn't matter what I did for her she would scream when I changed her diaper. I cried right alon...


Natural Remedies for Cough/congestion??

S.B. asks from Houston

What do you do for a child who has congestion...how do you get that congestion moving out??? I have a 10 month old and a 3 year old and that junk is in there just not...


Home Remedy for Cold

M.H. asks from Pine Bluff

My youngest daughter has come down with a cold. I don't really want to give her cold medicine, but I would like to help her feel better. If anyone has any "home remed...


Natural Remedies for Red, Itchy Rash

S.R. asks from Sacramento

My 21 month old boy has this large red rash on his bum/lower back. It started out small and didn't bother him and it was getting better but just this morning I got h...


Natural Remedy for Coughing Toddler?

S.A. asks from Honolulu

Hi everyone, My 20 month old daughter woke up with a bad cough this morning. Since she isn't 2 yet, I cannot giver her any cough medicine (doctor's orders). Does any...


Natural ADHD Remedies

N.B. asks from Dallas

Has anyone had any luck with natural, homeopathic ADHD supplements or remedies? If so, which ones, and did your child experience any side effects?


Cough Remedies

A.J. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter has a terrible cough that is keeping her up at night. I remember seeing some "home remedies" on here, but can't find them now. I thought one had to do w...