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Your Opinions on Singulair

I have a 5 yr old daughter who gets a wicked cough a few times a year. This past trip to the ped he suggested we start her on 4 mg of Singulair. My husband is asthmatic and the ped feels that there is a possibility that she may be diagnosed later in life with asthma. She is considered at risk because she has had upper respiratory issues a few times this past winter. My question is that I've heard both good and bad about this medication and I am just concerned. Most of the issues involve behavioral outbursts and children becoming more...


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Won't Take Medicine

I have an almost 2yr old daughter who currently has a UTI. She is supposed to be taking liquid antibiotics twice a day. For whatever reason she REFUSES to take the medicine. I have tried bribing her with M&M's putting it in with her juice and just plain holding her down. She starts to scream as soon as she even sees the dropper with the medicine in it. When I put it in the juice she took one sip and said she didn't like it. I am at my whits end. She has to take this medicine to get better. Any creative suggestions would be a big help.