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When Zyrtec Is Not Enough...

My step son has slight asthma which almost never flares. He has allergies everyday. His mother does not keep him on a regular schedule of antihistimines as I did my daughter and so now I need a new way to tackle this problem. When he comes home to us, we give him Zyrtec or Claritin or something, but many times he is in full allergy flare by the time we get it to him. How can I help him? Should I drug him up the minute he hits our door or should I wait for allergy symptoms? Once he has taken a 24 hour antihisitmine, is there anything...


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Tylenol with Zyrtec?

Quick. Can you take Tylenol after just taking a Zyrtec? I have a pounding headache and am about to leave for the day.


ZYRTEC - Is It Safe?

Our pediatrician has suggested Zyrtec for my son's allergies. Anyone heard...


Zyrtec for Kids ?

Our six year old is coming home with swollen eyes, congestion etc and I...


Won't Take Medicine

I have an almost 2yr old daughter who currently has a UTI. She is supposed...