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Looking for Fence Repair Company or handyman..thanks

S.L. asks from Dallas

I am looking for fence repair company that is willing to do small repair to already existing fence. Handyman that is skilled in fixing fence is great too. I live in C...


Need Good Garage Door Repair Person

B.A. asks from Dallas

Help! One of my garage door's cable broke and of course now it won't work. I need to find a reliable/trustworthy/affordable garage door repair person. Does anyone h...


Car Repair Service Needed near Bolingbrook

B.P. asks from Chicago

I am in need of a reliable, reasonable mechanic. The place I currently use has been too busy to repair my car in a reasonable amount of time. I can't get to work with...


LG Refrigerator Repair Service Needed

A.Q. asks from Charlotte

Does anyone know of a an appliance or repair shop that handles LG refrigerators? I'm having a problem with water leaking out from the bottom freezer door...don't know...


Still Looking for Good Car Repair Place

E.S. asks from Kansas City

Okay, I've asked this before, but my dad just showed me that AAA rates auto repair shops. The closest shop on AAA's site is King's Automotive North, on 95th. Has an...


Hello Dryer Repair

D.W. asks from Atlanta

Good Dryer repair person


Drywall Repair - Help Needed for Independence Home

F.G. asks from Kansas City

Does anyone know of someone who is are really good drywall person that can repair drywall on a home in Independence. (Off 23rd street and Overton) In order for m...


Foundation Crack Repair - Seeking Someone

D.Q. asks from Chicago

Seeking someone to figure out if I have a foundation crack and then if so, repair it. Every other year, I get some water in my basement. It is not a ton, but enough ...


Know a Good Washing Machine Repair Service?

L.B. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have a repair person or service that they could recommend to fix a washing machine? Ours is on the fritz and of course when we called the place we bought...