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16 Year Old Daughter - Moved Out

C.W. asks from Los Angeles

About a month ago, my 16 Year old daughter moved out. One night, during an argument she called her father who I've been divorced from since she was about 2 to pick h...


Don't Know What to Do About 16 Year Old Son's "Accident."

Z.Z. asks from Washington DC

I just got a call from our insurance company about an "accident" my son had. I was totally blindsided because my son mentioned nothing about it. I called him and he t...


16 Year Old Son Wants Car

R.G. asks from San Francisco

my son wants his car. he is 16 and is desperate to get it. I think he should have to wait another year. I want him to be 17 when he gets his car. In the mean time,...


Home Foundation Repair Referral

S.J. asks from Dallas

Please help. I am separated from my husband for 1 1/2 years now. He refuses to be of any help regarding this issue. Our home had foundation problems back in 2001. ...


Credit Repair

J.S. asks from Atlanta

Is anyone fimilar with ways to repair credit scores? I made alot of bad decisions as a teen, and now I am paying for it. I have some outstanding celluar debts, and me...


17 Year Old with Irregular Periods

L.J. asks from Seattle

I have a seventeen year old that was told by a chinese herb doctor that because of her acne her periods are irregular. She gave her some tea that she suppose to drink...


Hypospadias Repair

M.H. asks from South Bend

Have any of you had a son with a hypospadias and NOT gotten it fixed? We are planning to have the surgery done on our son but I am, of course, a bit nervous about hav...


My 17 Year Old Daughter Thinks She Likes Girls

J.J. asks from Houston

Hello my 17 year old step daughter just told us that she likes girls how are we suppose to respond to this i know that we are suppose to love her unconditonally but s...


Sexual Behavior Information Found on 17 Year Olds Computer

H.H. asks from Louisville

I have recently found out my 17 year old is having sex from reading her notes on the computer. I am trying not to tell her how I learned of this information because ...


How Much Freedom for a 17 Year Old?

C.L. asks from Boston

My daughter is a senior in high school. Next year she will go to college. I have begun the process of "letting go" and giving her more freedom to make her own choices...